Punched flights and rings.
I was having problems putting the flights and
rings on my canes, so I came up with an idea  Idea
to help me. I use a pair of tweezers to push the
ring down the the shaft. Pushing from above 
the flight you can push the flight down at the
same time.   Smile
Kevin a.k.a. "Sniper".  Moddarts
I don't seem to have much problem with the punched flights with metal rings. I'll take new flights and punch them and when I need to change flights I'll slip the rings through the flattened flight so half the ring is visible on both sides. Then slowly open the flight to the 90 degree angles and carefully slip it over the top of the stem so all 4 prongs are covered by the rings. Once it gets started I push the flight down and get it all nice and tight.
Harrows SuperGrips can be a pain to get a flight ring pushed down or off i use needlenose pliers
I find Ti rings thicker, and can be more effort inserting in the flight.  Once in, usually have little problem getting them on the stem.  But varies between stems.  For either task, needlenose pliers are my tool of choice as well.
I've actually shaved off a bit of my pro grips by pressing the titanium rings down, ones that have been used a lot so maybe they are a bit raggedy around the edges. I had a set of one80 shafts that were perfect for the rings and my flights went down a bit deeper, but then you couldn't get them on DC anymore and the new vice stems they have out from them are terrible for the rings.
I am using just the generic cheap canes and I have
no problem as such with the black or red canes, it
is the white ones that seem to be a tiny bit thicker.
Kevin a.k.a. "Sniper".  Moddarts
Ive just started punching flights, Saves my back as i was sick of picking flights off the floor
That was my reason too Chris, never had one
come out since. Happy Back, happy days.  Big Grin
Kevin a.k.a. "Sniper".  Moddarts
I use punched flights and TI rings as I struggle to see to fit flights without glasses and who takes glasses to the pub?
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Current Board 
ONE80 Gladiator 3 with Corona Surround and Unicorn number ring
Modified Unicorn Striker with RD medium sparkle stems, hardcore  charcoal flights and Target titanium stem rings   

Playing 40 years on and off and still barely average                 

(07-03-2019, 06:41 PM)ChrisTheFish Wrote: I use punched flights and TI rings as I struggle to see to fit flights without glasses and who takes glasses to the pub?

Me.    If I take off my glasses the board gets fuzzy at best.   Started needing glasses to read around age 45 then it got progressively worse to where I now have bifocals.   I can see the board fine with my glasses, often seeing scores people throw when I'm standing behind them at the oche and they can't see where the dart landed with certainty.

But take the glasses off and it's a black and white blur.
Usually the best way for the rings to get jammed down the stem is to tap it loaded flight straight down on a table. I never tried pliers but that makes good sense.

As for glasses at the pub I hear your point. Makes everything look better slightly blurred and that's before the first pint.

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