Throwing from the side of my face
I've always had a hard time throwing from the front of my eye line, mostly due to my long arms. Always felt awkward from the front till my mentor suggested putting my aim from the right of my face. Since then, I tend to go from there.

It's really about the feel, which is different in every player. Lots of people ask me how I do it, I just say "That's my comfort zone, which isn't necessarily yours."

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When I think throwing from side of face and Jedi / using hand eye - I am just holding the dart up in the air by the side of my head, then just propell not much movement the arm. 

But coming back for the second darts, you have to bring your hand and arm to same spot as first, which seems  to be the hard part for me to get consistent with side of face ....but that’s where feel comes in I guess.

Im more like this Gary Anderson throw, hand infront , draw to eye, and throw. It’s amazing to see the similar accuracy between different players styles .

This video shows here Adrian Lewis drawing to the side of his face, but still with aiming included .

The real Jedi throw that i consider to the side of Face would be Michael smith. And there seem to be lots of others..

It really would depend on the person. They’re height, eye sight, body shape and limbs ....

Ive been rotating between FOV (field of vision)AND SOF  (side of face) last day and half. With SOF I am using less effort and getting surprising results, but with FOV , I Require more patience, slow pace , aiming/sighting and more force As the dart is drawn lower to My eye sight , than compared to Fromm side of face, my arm can throw from a bit higher. Which is probably what helps me gettin gonna suprising results from SOF because Im probably only5’8” so the extra height gets me in there a bit easier. I tried a few other segments SOF and pretty accurate....but if I’m aiming WITH dart infront of me i feel like im much more accurate lol ,

tbe  Ardmore
Ive always brought the dart back right infront of my right eye (Really close almost feel the flight on my eyelash) Then i release the dart with a nice full follow through, I always come back to this throw after experimenting, Same as my stance, I have front foot forward facing the middle of the board, I dont feel comfortable standing side on or any sort of twisting.
Well this has helped me, ive always thrown from the side of my face and thought i had been doing it wrong after seeing players like Anderson throwing. I have been trying to change since i started playing again but it just doesnt feel comfortable having such a short pull back.
This is really apt for me because I've been torturing myself with this for months. I too have really long arms and even after 1 and a half years of playing I've never felt comfortable throwing from the middle. I'd always struggle with the bending of the forearm properly. I have only recently changed to throwing from side but it feels 100x times better I'm getting that extension and although I reckon it's gonna take time to get accurate results I think it's the best thing for me. Wish I'd adopted it sooner as I have a 'trial' for my first pub team on Monday which I'm crapping myself about but happens, happens.
(08-03-2019, 08:59 AM)impaler1991 Wrote: ...Wish I'd adopted it sooner as I have a 'trial' for my first pub team on Monday which I'm crapping myself about but happens, happens.

How did you get on big fella?

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