stickiest dart point for my light dart set-up
Hello all.
I'm looking for the stickiest point for my 15 gr. darts.
Normal point are falling out sometimes so i am looking for something else.
I can try the one80 reflex adapter points but am afraid of break the point while using in a game (can't change the points myself).
Normally i use the target diamond pro black points and they go well on my other (heavier) set.
I am also looking at the new Target fire edge points, maybe this is something.

Do you guys have any recommendations for me ?
If you have plain silver points in at the moment just try scuffing it a little with some fine sandpaper
Have a look at this thread
Have you tried scuffing up the points with some sand paper ?
It usually seems to help quite a bit.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

I am aware of scuffing the darts. Let me ask the question more detailed. What is the stickiest dart point that stays quite sticky for a long time without the need for scuffing the point ? I play on a one80 gladiator 3 that is rather hard I think and the darts are very light.
I think someone else will have to answer if you aren't into scuffing - I have a G3 board and don't throw excessively hard and my darts (23g) seem ok using plain points with a little scuff once a week. I like the Target Fire Edge and use those for matches, but aside from being 3 sided as opposed to round at the part of the point that enters the board that part is also smooth so I've taken to scuffing those a little as well.
Target Storm points with Nano grip is probably the stickiest because the grip is more physical than just a coating.
I tried their other points with onyx/diamond coatings, and found they wear off quickly.
Be prepared to see your board sisal being pulled out if you get them.
Harrows laser cut points withh the rings at the front of the points ( if you don't mind ripping out some sisal ).
They stay sticky and won't break like reflex or storm points.
Scuffing for me  Smile
I dont care for some beating of the board. I just buy a new board quicker I guess ?. Thanks for the suggestions so far !
Another vote for the Harrows ringed laser cut points, or the Shot! /Puma Broadhead/Bull's Harpoon points.

But seriously, nothing beats scuffing/texturing. And it's FREE!  Big Grin
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What is NATURAL?

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