2019 Six Nations Cup
Quite the last leg that Bingham chap threw to win the match for Wales, 81 after nine and goes 19/12/Bull for the win. mint
Layton's mess up didn't end up costing Wales, could of been a big swing after it
Netherlands through to the final beating Scotland 13-4
England ladies retain their title 5-0
Congrats to the ladies from England on their well deserved win in the final. mint
Enjoying this, Bingham from Wales is the first player I've ever seen on TV or stream using the same darts I use.
Now I can see what they look like hitting the treble 20! Big Grin
The Netherlands men retain their title winning 13-5
I tried to get into this but struggled with each player playing just a single leg at a time found myself losing interest in the lack of flow.

Even just a best of 3 (5 ideally) for each rubber would improve it for me, perhaps the men's teams would need to be cut to 4 per team to compensate.

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