Dart point and general equipment dimensions
Why will the manufacturers not just provide dimensions of their equipment. Dart points are the worst. I see so many posts about points being too wide or narrow.  If they just published the external diameter of points and the internal diameter of barrels life would be so much easier.

I sent an email to Target about the storm points to understand the diameter of the flange when it meets the barrel, simply to see if it joins nicely. They were great in responding quickly and gave a couple of updates, but it still took 2 days to confirm the dimensions and even then the response was "we believe they are 3.5mm"; not very confidence inspiring.

Stems are the same. Unicorn are great and supply length and weight to a lot of the range but others just state medium, short or inbetween on most sites including their own website. 

I don't expect a full dimensions diagram like Getagrip, but some basics would be good.
it would be nice if all the big companies got together and actually standardised the diameter of their points, I'm surprised it wasn't done a long time ago although I guess it's only fairly recently we've started experimenting with fancy points.
Madhouse Customs 23.8g
L Style flights & stems
Unicorn Volute points

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