Dart Advise needed
Cheers EviLZippY, interesting read, but i just dug my old Harrows Atlantis 23 gram darts out and had a chuck, these are only 48mm long and 6.4 wide, they are a touch to light for me, but found because they are shorter they don't move around as much in flight lol, so that is me confused again about length, so may look again on the dart selector, but this time try looking from 48mm to 50mm see what happens lol, also not ruling out a knurled grip.
Another vote for the Dragonfly's from me, brilliant darts and match the specs you wanted well!
Monster Helios 3 22g
Short black L Style carbon silent stems 
Black shape L Style flights 
Gold champagne caps 
The dragonfly's are looking good for ordering lol, just got to try and work out how far back that plain section is, i think it is far enough back not to bother me, i hold the dart around 30mm up the barrel, think the engraved bit is further back than that, just don't want to be gripping a slippery bit lol.
To late have ordered them lol
Hope they work out! If not, you can always get them modified like this guy did:
(06-17-2019, 01:02 PM)Ryk Wrote: Not got them but those Amberjacks have black paint... that if you give them a quick dunk in a bath of acetone, will remove the paint and could step up the grip level, which I've heard isn't that high - but you have the option with them to improve the grip level if it isn't as high as you need. (The Orange paint will also fall away under the effects of acetone solvent.)

Yeah, you can use vinegar to remove the paint, too. I left my navigators in a shot glass of vinegar for an hour and the paint came straight off with an old toothbrush. I wondered if it would improve the grip on a set of Red Dragon Fusions.
Throwing darts since July 2018.

Winmau Vanquish 25g, short clear Supergrip stems, Ti slotlocks, clear DSX kite flights.
Winmau Navigator 3 23g, Supergrips short clear/blue, Harrows Retina kite grey.
Winmau Testament 26g, Phil Taylor Power shafts Gen4, Harrows Retina kite grey.
Winmau Blade 5
Gorilla ArrowPro Stand with Bulls rotating mount.

Mid to rear gripper.

180s 2018: 6
180s 2019: 14

I know it’s too late, but for the next person looking i’d try the Fox 8 darts from pure darts:


At that price, you might just pick up a set anyway.
Well these Dragonfly 3 darts are a nice dart but have to much grip for me, so just ordered another set of Whitlocks, only this time in 24gram, already got 2 sets in 22 gram lol, at least i know what i am getting and that i like to throw them, so in the end the only thing that has changed is the weight. Ordered the Rainbow coloured ones and getting gold Target QUARTZ Firestorm points fitted , cant beat a bit of bling lol.
designa dark thunders,winmau sub zero or have a look about for some harrows glen durrant.....will be reduced now as he has. moved to target darts

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