Weight of your favorite set ?
21 -> 26g
just depends. more often than not these days I find myself picking up 23s or 24s though tbh
24g for me
23g for me.
Target Carrera C5 Pixel Grip (23g)
8 Flight Fixed Black Short Shafts
8 Flight No.2 Standard Black Flights
Target Storm Nano Grip Black 26mm Points

Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Pro Edition Board
Unicorn Striker Black Surround
Target Corona Vision Light System

2019: 71
2018: 27

Lim G2 22g
23-24g but the 24+ kill my board
21g over the last year.
[Image: 37d4kf.jpg]
I pretty much had learned how to throw with a 23 gram set.  That still is the most comfortable weight for me.  There are exceptions though.  I was given a set of wolfram infinity darts in 24 and I really like them.  Oddly enough, putting conversion points in my soft tip jackpot pixel set throw decent for me.  I think fully dressed that set up is between 18 and 19 grams.  I do notice more deflections and bounce outs though. I would say most comfortable with 23.
I've personally played with tons of different weights in the past, ranging all the way from 12g to 32g.

I seem to prefer the lighter weights, usually from about 21g or under.

It's all about experimentation, trying to see what's best for you. 
No shame in trying out new things to improve your game.

That's my view anyway
22 gram for me. I'd say my current favorites are my Unicorn J Wade Phase 1s. I have a couple more sets in 22 gram coming that are similar length and width Target Vapor 8 ,and Datadart Omega. I have found I really get on well with a straight barrel around 53-54 mm. I have a 23 gram set of Pentathlons that are 54 mm long I also throw pretty good with.
180's (2019) = 67
Highest checkout = 139
Current match darts - Unicorn JW Phase 1 Purist 22g
21g Daytona’s, I love them

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