Looking for a Surround. Need Help.
Where can I purchase the white England Dart board surround that is being used at the England open? I have looked on DartsCorner, A180, and one80darts. I can not find this surround any where. Not even Amazon has it. If anybody know where I can purchase this surround any help is greatly appreciated. Big Grin
20g Unicorn James Wade phase 2 w/ 38mm unicorn 6 ring points
22g Designa Spectre w/ 38mm unicorn 6 ring points
1.75in 2ba Black Spinning Nylon Dart Shafts
Black Target Prorip shafts tweenie size Standard shaped flights of all different colors
Designa Crusader 95% tungsten 18g soft tip with cuesol rost standard flights.
Winmau Blade 5 dual core    DMI Bandit board

Simple answer is you can't buy them, they are made especially for England Darts and are not for sale to the general public
Yeah I want one too

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