Tangent Darts no longer trading
I was thinking of getting a set of customs made and a few people had mentioned Tangent Darts work being really good so thought I'd check them out.

Unfortunately they've called it a day, at least for the time being, more details on their website below:

Madhouse Customs 23.8g
L Style flights & stems
Unicorn Volute points
Great guy and from what I've seen/heard he did impeccable work. One of those who held his work to a higher standard that any customer probably did.

Sounds like he was getting overwhelmed with work and had to make a life choice.
He made me a set and did a great job! I made a mistake on the dimensions and had to send them back and he did the rework and shipping for free......as Holmesness said....he was overwhelmed with work and it was either start cutting corners or step back and re-plan...a great guy...hope he's doing well and maybe he will be back....lets hope so!

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