Angle of impact
(06-21-2019, 10:37 AM)GT50 Wrote: What are the flights like, how thick are they?
When I bought my current darts they came with some player endorsed flights, they were utter garbage, they had to be the thickest flights I'd ever seen, I changed them for some normal thickness flights.
Seriously, those flights were ridiculous, at a guess I would say that one flight easily weighed as much as set of three, 50 micron, flights.

some of us like 100’s ;-)
Is 100 micron considered thick? I'm not sure of the Chizzy flights but I just put on the Target Pro 100 flights and attached them to the Harrows Keramic shaft which I have found to provide excellent flight grip. The Target G5 shafts I had on prior to that were ok but I damaged the aluminum top after hitting one of the darts into it.

Plus I I found the G5 was constantly becoming loose. Very frustrating indeed.

I have been throwing the Chizzy darts a lot and I can report that adjusting the grip positions on the barrel has eliminated the negative angle issue. I'm still working on the actual grip which often makes the darts spin to much but I'm also making progress in that area.[Image: f36e87c8fbd416acd24b8ed4ecb2934e.jpg]

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