Angle of impact
CalixNL, Sorry being new to darts I may not describe issues with the right dart terminology Smile

But yes you got my point.

I have experimented with different setup ups, mainly medium stems and larger and smaller flights as the Chizzy darts already had short stems.

I also tried the Target Power G5 short stems and found they work just like the original short stems that came with the darts.

Trying medium stems seem to have only amplified the issue to a point where I nailed one dart 1mm above the triple 20 but because of the angle the flight on the dart badly obscured the triple 20 area.

What I did find is that gripping the barrel slight of centre towards rear have straightened the darts but as a middle gripper I'm finding it a little awkward holding it just behind centre.

So yeah it seems the short stems is the way to go with these. I'll try a few more flights and otherwise I'll keep practicing with my finger placement. I'd like to make these work as the grip on these is absolutely fantastic for me.

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Just an update.

Trying different shape/size flights seem to have very little impact on leveling up the darts.

The only way I managed to get them to go in straight and/or with flights pointing slightly up was to shift my grip to the end of the barrel which for me felt very unbalanced/unnatural and I was randomly nailing darts all over the dartboard.

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tried drastically different stems yet?
(06-15-2019, 10:50 AM)EviLZippY Wrote: tried drastically different stems yet?
I only have short and in-between stems. Swapping short to in-between seemed to only amplifie the issue.

I'll pick up longer ones next week and give them a try.

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(06-15-2019, 10:47 AM)the.insid3r Wrote: Just an update.

Trying different shape/size flights seem to have very little impact on leveling up the darts.

The only way I managed to get them to go in straight and/or with flights pointing slightly up was to shift my grip to the end of the barrel  which for me felt very unbalanced/unnatural and I was randomly  nailing darts all over the dartboard.

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SO just to be sure, you do want your darts to land straight in the board or possibly with positive  angle right?

Only reason I am checking is because Some people have WANTED they’re darts to land the Way you’re pictures show the darts, to allow “Stacking” of the following darts.

If you really like the darts and want them To work, keep throwing them, maybe adjust your grip a bit , you shouldn’t have to change  the placement on the dart where you grip it , just keep balanced and keep throwing until it levels out. 

When I got my Gary Anderson phase 3 in the mail, one of my most expensive and favourite sets now. 
I was very upset that they we’re dropping when hitting the board, i put them up for sale THAT NIGHT, I just couldn’t throw them, they seemd too long and too much weight in the rear I assumed I was doomed. I tried every set up.

The next day I just kept throwing, I ended up changing my grip to two finger tips on top of of the barrel. Which gave me new control. And now My grip is forever changed and I  da can throw  the darts and they are my favourite.
The chizzy's are pretty long. I have this problem with barrels over 50mm. I like to throw from the dart's center of gravity, and I've found that 45mm darts are the best for me. Put's my grip right on top of the COG. 50mm puts my grip a little ahead of the COG, assuming it's a center weighted dart, which the chizzy appear to be, and can feel rear weighted. Also, throwing tip down on release causes the dart to flip up more in flight, and long barrels rotate slower in the air, so they don't have time to rotate back down. Short nylon stems move the center of gravity closer to the point. Bigger flights will increase lift. But unfortunately the only way to get them to fly right is to move my grip rearwards and throw pretty level / tip up. It looks like you are already using short stems and standard flights, so I think this may be a grip/release issue. I have a friend that threw some real danglers with a long barrel, even more tail down than pictured, and he's playing with some 42mm unicorn grippers with standard flights and his angles are perfect now. The good news is, if you can identify what it is about your grip/release that is causing this, you can fix it or find a setup that is better suited for you. Keep us posted! Smile
CalixNL - ideally I like for the darts to go in straight or with positive angle as I found negative angle tends to obstruct my next attempt in situations where I nailed 20 just above triple 20 (see pic 1)

I'm determined to keep practicing with them as I really love the feel of the barrel.

wzywg - I'll have to find where the COG actually is on these but playing around with placement of my fingers and adjusting the way I release them did seem to show positive signs that I might be able to make them work if I can only get used to gripping them slightly towards rear.

Pic 2 shows my grip on them where it feels most natural and balanced for me but this produces the negative angle.

Pic 3 shows my grip move slightly to the rear and this produced immediate positive angle results as seen in pic 4 (little out of focus). Despite fluking 2 triple 20's lol, this position feels a little unbalanced and unnatural but you can't argue with the way the darts behave.

I guess like you guys say, I'm going to have to keep throwing them more and see if I can get used to gripping them slightly towards the rear.

I also noticed gripping them them there makes them spin more but it doesn't make them move much in the direction of the spin which I guess is good.

Pick 5 shows 2 top darts with the grip slight back and 3 dart was gripped like in pic 2 which produced a slight negative angle.[Image: 47834370bc0eb97529d0ddbe72ff445a.jpg][Image: 46afbc9fc7e3bce1943722e9a25b9e78.jpg][Image: d6097e7e2b52b5e5903c02847b286419.jpg][Image: 6fad26558690d647a7dee7b42de2cf0a.jpg][Image: 5edd11bc93765add5ba7796797c8f5da.jpg]

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I get more of a tail-down entry when I shoot heavier darts. For me, longer shafts and larger surface area flights help. With lighter darts (18gr-19gr), my entries are flatter with a more lofting shot...higher velocity drops my tail.
More force and counter clockwise spin Wink
Just for fun,

Try throwing with the tip of your middle finger on the side of the barrel, rather than your knuckle / side of finger.

Your grip is identical to how mine USED to be , now I throw all with finger tips , no side knuckle.

It was really awkward at first took a couple hours to get used to , but it was the only way I could throw the darts , and I’d spent over $100 on them and I was damned if I couldn’t get them to fly straight and land nice in the board.

I can’t even throw the darts anymore with my old grip, which I used for 6 months .

Not necessarily saying to change your grip, just suggesting a differnt position to try! DOnt feel obligated to change . I’m no dart expert I’m just a beginner , but it was some what a cross road for me when I was having the same issue with a similar dart.
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What are the flights like, how thick are they?
When I bought my current darts they came with some player endorsed flights, they were utter garbage, they had to be the thickest flights I'd ever seen, I changed them for some normal thickness flights.
Seriously, those flights were ridiculous, at a guess I would say that one flight easily weighed as much as set of three, 50 micron, flights.

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