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Hi durtnutz. I’ve only been throwing darts seriously for about a few months so I’m very much in the early stages of developing my game, however, I’m sort of struggling to pinpoint a specific cause(s) behind my inability to constantly hit the 20’s sector of the dartboard with my 3 darts yet no such issue exist when it comes to hitting three darts into 1 or 5.

What I mean by that is that when I set up at the oche, I try to always align my shoulder and arm side on with the middle of the dartboard. I try to keep my arm from shoulder to elbow level and not moving and throw with the forearm and more often than not I will hit 2 darts in the 1 and 5 and one in the 20. Sometimes I will manage 2 darts in the 20 and one in either 1 or 5 yet I feel that I’m always approaching each throw exactly like I do the previous throw yet I get a different result.

Also very rarely will I group the darts together. So if I mange to hit a 20 and then manage to hit another dart in that 20, almost all the time they will be fairly spread out from each other yet when I hit multiple darts in either 1 or 5, chances are 2 darts will more often than not be right next to each other.

I thought I managed to find the cause of “spraying” the darts the other day whereby I was clearly feeling that I was pulling the dart to the left/right due to the grip on the barrel but than I noticed that even with what I deem to be a smooth and straight release, I’m still all over the shop, frequently going either side of 20 and don’t know if that’s due to my stance alignment being different each time or am I moving my shoulder/forearm during the throwing action or am I just simply not aiming well enough each dart?

So in other words, it’s not very often that I can hit the simple 20 with all my 3 darts and even more rare that I can group 2 or 3 darts close to each other.

So my question is this. Is there a way I can identify what else I’m doing wrong on my own or would I best seek opinion from an experienced player that could observe my setup and throwing action?

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Stance? - you want your feet to be planted - the only thing moving should be that one arm. if you are wandering about during your throw then it will throw the dart off the line you want.

You are new, so don't put too much pressure on yourself. I know an issue I have is expecting that dart to find the target and I tence up in my shoulder in the throw and it pulls the whole thing to the left alarmingly - Don't think about it too much. (So easy to say!)

The easiest way to spot issue with your throw... is to get someone to watch you - or film yourself. Maybe a mirror.

One old nugget of advice is to aim for a target but it you miss aim for your first arrow. I heard that was the way Eric Bristow trained when he was a little kid, and he ended up as quite the player.

You mind knows you can throw to that part of the board, so how hard is it to do it again and engrain that repeatable action. Once you can do that it is just the fine tuning to get your initial dart on target - which comes through practice just like tight grouping.

Also are you doing the same thing before each throw? Maybe on your last throw you move you other hand to a different place as it is empty... which alters your balance on your feet and will alter your throw as your body is held differently (I always pin my left hand under my left floating rib, same place every time - less variables, less deviations.) Just got to be consistent.

Many players seem to rush the last dart, chasing after it which they never do on the first or second dart as they are thinking of the next dart. try to treat the third dart just like the first.

I'd practice trying to hit a shoe lace hung from the 20... a vertical line. just try to get the dart to hit the line -

Grip - yep you have to hold it the same way each time, try to stick with the same finger placement for a while, chopping and changing will just confuse the "chucking" bit of your brain (What does he want us to do this time?)

I tend to toy with a new set of darts, just handle them transfer them from left to right - for me they just fall into place naturally - Different darts have different sweet spots - and different players hold dart differently - what works for me won't work for most -

Good luck - stay calm - keep your elbow up and stay on target. (And every time you miss that 20 segment put 10p in the new dartboard jar!)
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lol Ryk, I love that last suggestion.....good way to fund new dart equipment Smile

On a serious note you make a good suggestion about recording myself as that might show me if I’m consistent in my stance, throwing action etc.

My eyes and brain tell me my stance is pretty spot on each time. My grip, I feel, is generally always in the middle, however, I do feel often as if my index finger, which is on top of the dart, rolls the barrel of the dart from right to left upon release. I don’t know if that’s just a feeling I get due to the grippy nature of the Harrows Oracle or indeed my finger does roll the dart at the point of the release which makes the dart go right of 20. This action, however, wouldn’t explain the regularity with which I hit the 5 as well.

As far as movement of my arm, the video method you suggest would show me if there is movement. I feel like I’m holding steady but than maybe what I feel and what actually occurs is vastly different.

I’ll have to try the video method for sure.

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