2019/20 PDC World Championship news/qualifiers
Will use this post for any announcements re the 2019/20 PDC Worlds at Ally Pally so they are all in one place.  First up:

Women's Qualifiers Dates Confirmed

THE two Women's Qualifiers for the 2019/2020 William Hill World Darts Championship will be held during November following confirmation of the details for this year's events.

Two spots in the 96-player field for the World Championship are on offer in the dedicated Women's Qualifiers, which are open to all female players worldwide.

The UK & Ireland Women's Qualifier will be held on Monday November 25 at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan, to follow the PDPA Qualifier earlier that day.

The Rest of the World Women's Qualifier will be held in Saturday November 16 at Halle 39 in Hildesheim, Germany.

Last year, Anastasia Dobromyslova and Lisa Ashton were the two Women's Qualifiers for the World Championship, with both making a strong impression at Alexandra Palace.

Ashton took the first set from Jan Dekker at an average of 106 before eventually losing 3-1, while Dobromyslova was defeated by eventual quarter-finalist Ryan Joyce.

Entry to both qualifying events will be FREE and will be open to any female player aged 16 or over. Entry is based on citizenship as outlined in PDC Rule 7.6.

Entries must be made through www.pdcplayers.com. Players who have competed in PDC events in 2019 will use their existing login details, and players who have not previously competed this year must Register with this system before being able to enter.

Both Women's Qualifiers will be played with an open, unseeded draw.

2019/2020 William Hill World Darts Championship
Rest of the World Women's Qualifier
Saturday November 16

Halle 39, Hildesheim, Germany
Registration 0900-1100
Play Commences 1200
Entry Deadline: Friday November 15 1400 GMT
For hotel bookings please contact hotel@pdc-europe.tv

UK & Ireland Women's Qualifier
Monday November 25

Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan, UK
Registration 1100-1300
Play Commences as soon as possible following the conclusion of the PDPA Qualifier
Entry Deadline: Friday November 22 1400 GMT

It's a pity that there's a collison with the Czech Open. The same like the last year. I didn't check the dates twice but I reckon it's the same weekend.
Yes the ROW qualifier is on the same weekend as the Czech Open again.

The UK qualifier is the Monday after a weekend event in Italy (so Trina and Paula will most likely be going there instead of Wigan, but I bet Trina will accept the Sky punditry role and money if offered that again).
I wondered if they might have opened up a third spot for a female player for the Asian region to heighten the chances of a Suzuki appearance which would be a big boost to the game. Hopefully she enters the ROW qualifiers and wins through.
(06-10-2019, 04:39 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Yes the ROW qualifier is on the same weekend as the Czech Open again.  

The UK qualifier is the Monday after a weekend event in Italy (so Trina and Paula will most likely be going there instead of Wigan, but I bet Trina will accept the Sky punditry role and money if offered that again).

I don't think Gulliver should be offered that role again. I don't think it was necessary to add a female pundit just because there were female participants but even so they must not have done much testing as she really struggled to articulate any thoughts of any substance, made for very awkward viewing and listening both in the studio and in commentary.

If they insist on keeping a female pundit I thought for example Laura Turner done a much better job in her stint in the comms box during Lakeside.
I'd love to see Suzuki at Ally Pally but I don't really know of any other notable ladies players from Asia. Or at least they just aren't playing enough steel tip to justify another qualifying spot. I think the 2 spots for women are fair and I don't think they should get more.

As for Trina, I watched most of Ally Pally with Hungarian commentary. But from what I've seen/read, she did an atrocious job. Deta Hedman is often heard commentating too, I'd say she would have been a better choice. Howeve overall I too don't see the need for a female pundit to be there at all. I think you can justify having female players there for a few reasons (even apart from it obviously being a huge marketing stunt), but I just don't think the same goes for commentators.
Both Laura or Deta would be far better choices than Trina - unfortunately neither of them have won the ladies World Championship, and probably more importantly for the Sky brigade, neither of them are gay.
World Championship: International Qualifiers latest

Darin Young is among the latest three International Qualifiers for the 2019/20 William Hill World Darts Championship.

American veteran Young will star in his tenth World Championship in December after securing the top American spot in the CDC Order of Merit.

Young will be joined at Alexandra Palace by fellow-CDC player Matt Campbell, who secured his place as the top-ranking Canadian.

Monday saw the PDJ Japanese Qualifier take place in Osaka, with Seigo Asada coming through the field to win the event for a third successive year.
Asada, who had already secured his place at the World Championship through the PDC Asian Tour Order of Merit, will now qualify as the PDJ Japanese Qualifier.

As a result, Japan's Yuki Yamada, the next highest player on the Asian Tour Order of Merit, will make his World Championship debut.

A further 24 International Qualifier places remain for the World Championship, with the qualifying events and dates listed below.

The 32 International Qualifiers will be joined by 32 PDC ProTour Order of Merit Qualifiers in the first round, while the top 32 players on the PDC Order of Merit will enter in round two.

Tickets for the 2019/20 William Hill World Darts Championship are now on General Sale.

[Image: wcquallatest-sep16_0.jpg]
Further information about European Qualifiers:

East Europe Qualifier

Held in: Budapest
Countries included: Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albany, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia

South-West Europe Qualifier
Held in:
Countries included: Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Andorra, France and Monaco

West Europe Qualifier
Held in:
Countries included: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg

South-East Europe Qualifier
Held in: 
Countries included: Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, San Marino, Malta, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey
The East Europe qualifier for Ally Pally is Benjamin Pratnemer from Slovenia - he beat Janos Vegso 6-1 in the final.

Not sure why they aren't playing it today, but the final of the Indian qualifier tomorrow is Nitin Kumar vs Ravi Bhat
As expected Nitin Kumar won the Indian qualifier beating Ravi Bhat 6-1 in the final. I think the reason it was held over until today is because they played the Indian Open today (and Nitin Kumar won that as well)
Heta seals World Championship debut

Damon Heta has secured qualification for the William Hill World Darts Championship at the start of the final weekend of the DPA Harrows ProTour season.

Heta's run to the final of Event 27 has seen him secure an unassailable lead at the top of the Order of Merit ahead of James Bailey, with three further events to be held across the weekend in Canberra.

The Perth thrower was eventually denied victory by Robbie King, who came from 2-0 down to win the final 6-3 with two three-leg bursts to secure his third title of the year.

King was a narrow semi-final winner against Peter Sutton, and also saw off Mal Cuming, Brandon Weening and Tim Pusey during the event.

Heta will be making his World Championship debut at Alexandra Palace in December, continuing a remarkable year which also saw him win the Brisbane Darts Masters in August.

2019 DPA Harrows ProTour
Event 27
Friday October 11, Canberra

Damon Heta 6-1 Corey Naumann
Mick Lacey 6-3 Gordon Mathers
Peter Sutton 6-3 Stuart Coburn
Robbie King 6-4 Tim Pusey

Damon Heta 6-3 Mick Lacey
Robbie King 6-5 Peter Sutton

Robbie King 6-3 Damon Heta
Good on him! I thought he played really well to win the Brisbane Masters Smile
[Image: 5GPKrWp.png]

B: 23g   S: Medium   F: Standard   180s: 1/25
Brilliant work for Damon there!
Current Dart in Use: Quantum Darts Paradox 17.5gm
South-West Europe Qualifier today can be followed on DartConnect for anyone interested


The West Europe Qualifier is also today and can be followed here:


As well as several tour card holders, it seems Richard Veenstra has also entered the West Europe Qualifier
Winner of the West Europe Qualifier is Jan Dekker who beat Derk Telnekes 6-4 in the final

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