England Open/National Weekend 2019
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This weekend sees the EDO England Open and England National Singles taking place at Bunn Leisure, Selsey.  In addition there will also be the Ladies British Pentathlon taking place on Thursday.


Thursday 13th June

Ladies British Pentathlon - more info on that in the next post

Friday 14th June
England National Singles - Mens and Ladies

Saturday 15th June
England Open Singles - Mens and Ladies
Mixed Fours Knock Out
England Open Youth KO

Sunday 16th June
Mens and Ladies Pairs Open
Stage Finals from approx 3pm

England National - Mens - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/EnglandNa...620192.pdf
England National - Ladies - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/EnglandNa...620191.pdf
England Open - Mens - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/EnglandOp...620192.pdf
England Open - Ladies - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/EnglandOp...620191.pdf

Play will be streamed on the England Darts youtube channel from 10.30am on Saturday morning and approximately 2pm on Sunday for the Grand Finals
The Ladies British Pentathlon is an invitational event consisting of 20 players competing in various games.

The ladies invited to play in the event this year are:

[Image: qnUuzs6.jpg]
[Image: h5WHUMq.jpg]
[Image: kxc6DSM.jpg]
[Image: 8bP6K9n.jpg]
[Image: 2y3Tulz.jpg]

The games:

Each player plays each of the other competitors over 2 Legs of 501 Straight Start, and each Player also plays one game of 1001 and 2001 Straight Start.  Games of 501, 1001 and 2001 to finish on a Double or Bull.



Round the Board on Doubles

The above making 24 games in all.

The winner of the competition will be the competitor with the most accumulated amount of points.

501, 1001 and 2001
Points to be awarded as follows:

Scores of:
95 - 130 inclusive: 1 Point
131 - 159 inclusive: 2 Points
160 - 180 inclusive: 3 Points
Winning Double: 2 Points

Games Finished in:
9 Darts - 10 Points
10 - 12 Darts - 4 Points
13 - 15 Darts - 3 Points
16 - 18 Darts - 2 Points
19 - 21 Darts - 1 Point

Each player will throw 3 darts at numbers 1 - 9 starting at number 1 then 2 and so on up to number 9. Method of scoring is 1 Point per unit hit.

Single: 1 Point
Double: 2 Points
Treble: 3 Points

1 Dart in Single 4 and 2 Darts in Treble 4 = 7 Points
2 Darts in Single 3 and 1 Dart in Treble 3 = 5 Points

Bonus Points:
1 Dart in Single, 1 Dart in Double and 1 Dart in Treble = 6 + Bonus 6 = 12


The targets are :
20,16, Double 7, 14, Treble 10, 17, 50 (bull).

There are points for :
Each score will be added together and the player with the highest score after bulls-eye will be  declared the winner. If a player misses any of the specified numbers, including the bull, they automatically halve their total already scored. For the points to add to the players Pentathlon total, they adopt the same system as in Shanghai,  1 point per unit scored. A unit being a single number 1 point, double 2 points, treble 3 points and bulls-eye 2 points.

Round the Board on Doubles

Starting at Number 1 and so on finishing at Double 20, each player is allowed 42 Darts. If a player finishes before he has used his 42 Darts then the

amount of Darts he has left will count as extra points. Each Double will count a 2 Points

A player finishes on his 34th Darts then he gets 40 + 8 = 48 Points
A player still needing Double 16 after 42 Darts will score 30 Points. (15 x 2 Points)

There is also a Mens British Pentathlon - this will be held in September during the England Masters/Classic weekend.
I pretty much copied and pasted the above from last year, just updated the draw sheets/dates/Pentathlon entrants lol. Unlike last year I won't be able to keep a running update on the Pentathlon on Thursday as I've got a match myself that evening, but if interested then updates should be posted on the England Darts facebook page during the day. If not already posted then I'll update the thread with the results sometime on Friday morning.
Nice early start Saturday morning, looking forward to following along the Open at least.
Scores from yesterdays Ladies Pentathlon which was won by Beau Greaves, with Laura Turner, Deta Hedman and Lorraine Winstanley completing the top four

[Image: t9L3QtB.jpg]

1st Beau Greaves 336 points
2nd Laura Turner 315 points
3rd Deta Hedman 278 points
4th Lorraine Winstanley 265 points
5th Mikuru Suzuki 256 points
6th Casey Gallagher 254 points
7th Sue Gulliver 245 points
8th Vicky Pruim 243 points
9th Kirsty Hutchinson 237 points
10th Sarah Roberts 236 points
11th Roz Bulmer 220 points
12th Tricia Wright 219 points
13th Nikki Goldsmith 208 points
14th Maggie Sutton 206 points
15th Trina Gulliver 202 points
16th Rhian Griffiths 187 points
17th Brenda Dyer 148 points
18th Sue Bird 144 points
19th Andreea Brad 119 points
20th Jannicke Rottereng 106 points
The finalists for the England National Singles are:

Mens - Wayne Warren vs Wesley Harms
Ladies - Beau Greaves vs Rhian Griffiths

Scores in the drawsheets in the first post
Looks like todays youtube feed doesn't start now until 12.30 UK time

and I think they have set it up wrong as it says starting in 4 hours, but I think this is the stream for the finals tomorrow from 3pm

Tricia Wright hit a nice 161 checkout for a twelve dart leg.

Lost the match though to Priscilla Steenbergen 4-1, who advances to the final 32.
Comms have just said that Boom Boom Peetoom hit a nine darter today - nice one Daz, great darts but big shame about the match scoreline
England Open Semi finals to be played tomorrow:

Wayne Warren vs David Evans
Jim Williams vs Wesley Harms

Lisa Ashton vs Fallon Sherrock
Aileen De Graaf vs Beau Greaves

I posted this earlier, but also tomorrow are the England National Finals between:

Mens - Wayne Warren vs Wesley Harms
Ladies - Beau Greaves vs Rhian Griffiths
I managed to watch most of this, pretty good enjoyable matches.
Beau Greaves certainly played well against Mikuru, plus I didn't recognise Gino Vos at all!
Hoping Wesley Harms can do the double tomorrow.
Don't know who won the fours last night, but here are the draw sheets for todays pairs events

Mens - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/2019Engla...620191.pdf
Ladies - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/2019Engla...620192.pdf
Looks like Beau is going to be a busy girl today, especially if she beats Aileen in the Open semi final - the order of play for todays stage finals:

Ladies England National Singles Final    Beau Greaves Rhian Griffiths
Mens England National Singles Final Wesley Harms Wayne Warren
Ladies England Open Semi Final Lisa Ashton Fallon Sherrock
Ladies England Open Semi Final Beau Greaves Aileen de Graaf
Men's England Open Semi Final Wayne Warren David Evans
Men's England Open Semi Final Jim Williams Wesley Harms
Girls GP Youth Final Beau Greaves Shannon Reeves   
Overall GP Youth Final Leighton Bennett     Beau Greaves
Ladies England Open Final Ashton/Sherrock Greaves/De Graaf
Men's England Open Final Warren/Evans Williams/Harms
Last nights 4's winners were Gary Stone, Lorraine Hyde, Jamie Holmes and Ryan Hogarth

[Image: kIEsYO1.jpg]
Scores from the finals of the pairs events today:

Mens - Wesley Harms & Richard Veenstra 3-1 Connor Arberry & Brad Phillips
Ladies - Lisa Ashton & Maria O'Brien 3-2 Beau Greaves & Deta Hedman

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