Removing Points with Alum
(06-08-2019, 04:28 PM)DAVEISTHENAME Wrote: Hi,
So today i tried removing my broken points from the barrel using Alum Powder i used a pyrex Dish anyway 2 hours in it seemed to be working i kept adding water and then at one point the Dish Exploded and that was that, ive checked my darts and the points have been removed a little and have rusted a bit so im wondering should i get a small drill and just drill the middle of the point a little and hope it breaks up and falls out, or should i just send them off ??

How were you heating it for the dish to explode? Not directly over a naked flame? I wasn't sure the best way to do mine without dish explosion so ended up putting the solution in the dish and putting it the oven at 100°c for a few hours
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