For those who have stuck with one set
Did you notice a marked improvement throwing the one set vs when ya changed darts etc. 
I'm debating what to do. 
My normal set are daytona fires, but if I'm not on form with them, I'll throw my target distinction or carerra azzuri. 
Now I should mention, the daytona are tapered and I use ten x flights on them, the others are straight barrel with no6 flights. So the set ups are totally different and yet I can throw better with different sets in spurts. 
I am not sure if this is hurting my progress long term..... 

I've been throwing the Paul Lim G2's for the past few months. When I feel as though I might be headed into a slump or just want a little variety I go back to the G1's. Just that slight little difference is noticeable to me. I'm really getting on quite nicely with the G2's however. (that's for my level of performance anyhow)
Surely there's no Nutz here that only throw one set. Tongue Big Grin
I have 20 Sets, since I settled for one and started working on my throw I improved significantly.

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it’s a personal thing I reckon
I stuck with the one set for years, but last 10 or so I’ve gone completely the other way.
change my darts / setup completely multiple times a day sometimes. find when things aren’t going well I grab a totally different dart + setup it kind of ‘resets’ my brain. or arm.

anyway it works for me. might not for you.
try it and find out
Changing so regularly a few years ago definitely affected my game. I started to forget that issues I was having were mainly down to my technique and not the equipment.

I don’t necessarily stick to just one set now, although I plan on doing it for the next couple of months, but I use darts that are of a near identical length, width and weight. That way, although they may feel a little different in the hand, they basically throw and fly the same. My grouping and consistency are definitely improving as I go along and I am almost back to my best now.
one Other thing to note is that I used to use darts with grip along as much of the barrel as possible. I have found though that getting darts with grip only where I need it has improved my grip placement massively, which in turn is improving my ability to replicate my throw and get better grouping
Been using the Rastas for several years now, but tried some Darts Clearance shark grip darts a couple of months ago. They started off ok and were going well for a month, but then they just started to go all over the shop so I gave them up a couple of weeks ago. Picked my trusty Rastas back up and they felt right at home again. Apart from getting maybe the odd player set here and there for the collection I think my days of trying new darts over the Rastas are now behind me after this latest effort.
Interesting topic.

I've played with many darts. Of all sorts of shapes and sizes but have noticed a my best darts have been the Unicorn Taylor phase 5s and now I'm throwing with Cuesoul Auroras. These having the most success of all. I've ordered a set of Mckicks Golden darts as I think the grip at the rear of the dart (Me being a rear gripper preferring alot of grip) will take me along even more hopefully.

I think we can all throw very good arrows with many different darts but I feel that the ones that are the most comfortable dart for us in our grip and throwing action will give us the most success and enjoyment.

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Do you use the latest Rasta now? I know you used to use the previous versions. If you use the new ones, is there much difference between them and the older models?

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