New to this! Rare darts!
Afternoon all.

Reason I’m here, I have a set of Norfolk Coklapsible Darts, in original box, box is damaged at one end. Darts are in immaculate condition and have never been used. Also includes 3 Crosswells Brewery paper Origami flights. I was wonder if anyone could value them? I’ve seen prices range from £80 to serious money. So any help would be appreciated.

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Hi and welcome aboard.

A couple of years ago you could have got £100+ for a Northwood, but nowadays £70-80 sounds about right. The good thing you have going for you is you have the box as most don't come with that - I have two, the first came without the box and then a year or so later I managed to get one in the box.

As an aside, if you are looking to sell it then before you can sell on here you need to have made 50 posts.
Oh, forgot to mention, the flights would only be worth a couple of quid on their own.
Your intro makes it clear you're looking specifically for a valuation.  To that end, moved thread to the rare / vintage section of the forum.  Posts in the intro area are short term prior to archive.

Couple of ground rules.  Perfectly fine to seek advice on value, but any discussion related to sale or trade is not permitted unless you have 50 posts, as mc1958 mentions.  Even then, such posts are restricted to the Buy, Sell, Swap section of the forum.

Good luck getting the information you're after.

Welcome to the group and what those gents said about 50 posts is a good rule we like to follow before any sales are made.

Love the flights in the photo. Early pears I reckon? Very cool
Thanks for your info guys!

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