electronic scoreboard
Can anyone recommend an electronic scoreboard? I was watching a video of a CDC match and saw one in use but cannot find a source of one like I saw. So, any thoughts/recommendations?
Do any of you have any recommendations in regards to the best electronic scoreboard? Thanks for any assistance in this matter.
Unless you have no computers/phones/smart devices which I assume isn't true seeing you made this post, I dont think anyone should spend the ridiculous amounts associated with what are essentially big calculators. Just use an app on your phone/tablet/computer
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I am wanting one to hang on the wall next to the board.
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I didn't watch any of the CDC stream, but what you most likely saw was not an electronic scoreboard, it was most likely a pc tablet or ipad - the scoreboard part would be DartConnect as they use it for their scoring and stats.

The electronic scoreboards I'm familiar with that are up in bars of the local league were purchased by the bar owners and they paid dearly for each of them. A good friend of mine owns one of the largest dart bars in the city and he has 6 of them up and each of them cost over $400 U.S. at the time.

I don't know if the price has come down, but even if it has, that is still ridiculous. The only thing I like about them is the different skill levels you can play against them. There are 5 different levels of skill, from beginner to "you better be Phil Taylor or MVG to compete".
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This is exactly what it is. I love dartconnect.
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Decent ones are expensive and are very limited in what you can do with them. I'm thinking of something like a Conquest Scoremaster.

At our pub we've bought a 10" Android tablet and a wall mount for it. A cheap tablet is well under £100 and the wall bracket was about £10.

It offers a much better experience as you have a wide choice of apps. You can get features that support multiple players and detailed statistics / averages. I've been trying to get my team into cutthroat cricket as a practice game. It's a pain to chalk but an app makes it simple.
Makes so much more sense to go with the tablets or something similar. There is no way I would ever spend $200+ (or even $100+) for as I said, what is basically a big calculator. They should be 20 bucks or so, something you toss in your bin with an order of new flights and stems. You can get so many knock off chinese things online, I had a look a while back but couldn't find any scoreboards. I wish I had the means to just build one and do a kickstarter or something.
OK, thanks for the info. I am going w/ a tablet and darts connect.
Again thank you for the heads up!

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