Fit Flight Air Opinions
(06-04-2019, 07:47 PM)19cw95 Wrote: Regarding your first paragraph " I tore one flight almost immediatelly and damaged the other by robin hooding them while the players I know have used one set for months." I assume you were referring to the clics right?

One other question, have you noticed a difference of durability between slim shafts, hybrid and normal? I prefer the normal, idk why just never could get the feel for slim or hybrid.

Yep, clicks.

Hard to say. I started with Normals Size 2 and 3 and broke a few, then I got slims in Size 5 and never broke one. Now I either use S4 titanium or S2 Normal Superduralumin and I tinker a lot with both Normal and Hybrid in S4 or Gear S2 and haven't broken one for a while. Actually, I mostly play steel tips. The last time I broke a stem was two or three months ago at soft tips. The Gear shaft S3. Marble floor, carpeted though.

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