Is There a Difference
If you are after a set of fordham shaped barrels, you can pick these up with 10% dartsnutz discount;

found no difference to the Lowe's.
Some nicer pics:

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You might also want to take a look at the Designa Mega Grip 2 darts. They're a couple of mm longer than the Lowes and Fordhams, and about 0.5 mm thinner but are approximately the same shape.  They're also about half the price of the Fordhams.  They do take some getting used to, so trying out a less expensive set might be a good idea.
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It took a while to dig this up, but here's a thread with lots of good Lowe-style alternatives:

And a review of my personal favorite dart with that shape, the One80 Nighthunter Sting:

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