XQMax Michael van Gerwen - Limited WC Edition 2019
Just 6 months after winning his third world championship, XQMax is starting to cash in on it. Or at least trying, considering the 2017 edition is still easily available.

The core design of the dart has not changed from the 2017 version. Same cuts etc. Only the pattern of the coating has changed and what was engraved on the old version is now etched. In my opinion a step backwards. And some rings at the centre seem to be slightly thinner.

No info about the price in the UK, but should be around £80.
Out on the 28th of June.

Will not add any picture directly to this post, as the shop put watermarks on the pictures.

Check them out at this shop. 

[Image: vVSMqoP.png]
Took them long enough given they started teasing them back in February

They are beautiful, but I don't think I"ll purchase anymore XQMax.
Did the older edition have the lateral cuts near the front end?

Edit: Went back to Getagrip's review. Yes, they did.
For others, I'll post the link to save you a few clicks: https://www.dartsnutz.net/forum/showthre...?tid=28901
It always comes up, but has MvG actually ever thrown an XQMax dart?
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Woah, thanks but no thanks

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Seriously, etched..? They should have just taken the previous 2017 sets and engraved a cross through the 7, put a small asterisk and engrave the 9 elsewhere on the barrel. Classy

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The numbers must support the constant manufacturing of these limited editions, as they keep coming. If none were being sold, surely they wouldn't continue. These loo very nice and have some interesting alterations on the grip but I am just not in the business (yet) of purchasing darts just for show. (unless they are heavily discounted like the PL limited editions I got from someone here recently ;D)
And over 6 months there is the PL edition
Nice but .....I’ll pass .

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(06-03-2019, 04:02 PM)jt4527 Wrote: It always comes up, but has MvG actually ever thrown an XQMax dart?

No... the darts he uses are McKicks mighty grip darts. And don’t quote me on it, but I think he’s used the same set since he was 17.
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