Finally saying hello :)
Hey darts nutz,

I have been browsing the forum for a while now, so I thought it is time to introduce myself.

My name is Villy and I come from Bulgaria. I am currently living in Sydney, Australia where I am studying my Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Racing motorbikes for 10 years, and competing in Crossfit functional fitness competitions for a few years, I decided that I need to find a less dangerous hobby.

I started playing darts in July 2018, and I have to say, it has been a very exciting journey so far! I really enjoy tinkering and experimenting with different set-ups, and I find playing darts in the evening to be the best way for me to relax after a stressfull day. At the same time I am exercising my brain and minimizing my time in front of a screen. I love it!

I have a problem with sticking to the same set-up for a long period of time, as I think there is always a better one. For the past several months, I have gone over: 
- Scalloped darts (Winmau Simon Whitlock 24g and Red Dragon Scorpion 25g) 
- Long and thin straight barrel (Target Vapour 8 23g & Red Dragon Peter Wright Rainbow Mambas 24g),
- Heavy, short and thick bomber/stubby barrel (Winmau Andy Fortham 25g & Showtime Neobomb 26g)

and I am currently back to scallops! My current Set-ups is:
Barrel: Red Dragon Scorpion 25g

Shafs: Harrows Supergrip Spin (Medium)
Flights: Harrows Dimplex Pear Shape
Points: Target Fire Edge 36mm silver (but playing around with those)

I want to say thank you for all the information provided in this forum! I can wait to keep reading the threads, and taking part in discussions!
Welcome to the forum Villy, nice intro.

Think it's a good idea to try different shaped darts fairly early on.  Even after playing a while, the change can help reset things from time to time.

Welcome to the forum and may the darts be with you

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Bulgaria - White, red and green flag and has a coastline on the Black Sea... all the colours of the Dartboard. That must be some sort of unfair advantage!

Best while you are learning (We are all always learning though!)... go with your gut, and chose whatever dart feels right - and just focus on being smooth and consistent in your throw.
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Welcome from Adelaide Villy. You must be the fittest darter going around, lol. Nice intro.
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Hello from me while I'm here.
I'm from Liverpool , England .
Nice to meet you Villy. Crossfit is a killer and must be tough to throw darts after smashing it up doing that?
Hi and welcome.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

Hi Villy and welcome aboard Smile
Welcome to Darts Nutz
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Welcome along Villy
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Welcome to the forum Villy. I'm based out at Penrith, just wondering where you are based and where you play out of if you are in a club, league etc.

Good to see you in here and you can be assured of getting some great tips and advice.

Cheers mate Smile
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Welcome - were all Nutz here, as you’ve no doubt figured out. Some are more subtle, some are more blatant, but we’re all Nutz. Welcome to the darts “Clan”. It takes every single Nutz to make this forum.
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