Cheers from Seattle, WA
Cheers all, my name is Chris, and I've been playing darts since the early 90s, with a pretty substantial break from the late 90s until Autumn of 2018. I started playing in the Washington, DC area, and captained a B league team with the Washington Area Dart Association (WADA) out of a proper Irish pub on Dupont Circle called Mr. Egan's. Sadly Mr. Egan, and his pub have both long since knocked off to their next incarnations. I moved across the country to Tucson, AZ in the late 90s, and failed to find any local places to keep throwing darts. My partner graduated from University there, and we moved to Seattle, WA for the Ph.D. work next. Had some kids. Bought a house. Got interested in trying to play darts again Autumn last, and started playing in the Emerald City Darting Organization (ECDO). I play pretty much every day, and feel like I'm almost back to where I was in the 90s.

I have three sets of darts, which is likely down to me feeling a bit off with my throw.
- 1991 Unicorn T90 20 gram barrels, with Target Firestorm Onyx 30mm points, and Target ProGrip Spinner stems, Target Titanium Rings, on punched Pentathlon 150 micron Standard flights
- Hammerhead 20 gram barrels, with Roto-Hammer points, extra short alloy stems, and Pentathlon 150 micron Standard flights
- 2019 Unicorn T90 20 gram barrels, with Target Firestorm Onyx 30mm points, and Fit Flight system short stems, and Standard flights

The 91 Unicorns were my first set of darts, and I got the Hammerheads to try helping with bounce outs at the time. When I returned to playing regularly, I found I was destroying at least a set of flights a week from the Hammerhead Point Clips snagging on the back edge of my first dart in the board, so I went back to the 91 Unicorns, and reported them. I felt like I wasn't as consistent as I wanted, so I stumbled upon a great deal on the 19 Unicorns in 26 grams, so I am giving them a go as my main darts now.

Cheers! Hope to see some of you all at a match, and to share a pint, or something a bit stronger if that's your game.
- 2019 Target Carrera C12 22 grame barrels, with Target Onyx 30mm points, Target Pro Grip Spinner Short stems, V180 punched standard flights, and Target Titanium Pro Grip Rings
- 2019 Unicorn T90 26 gram barrels, with Target Onyx 30mm points, Target Pro Grip Spinner Short stems, Pentathlon punched standard flights, and Target Titanium Pro Grip Rings
- 1996 Hammerhead Smooth 20 gram barrels, with Roto Hammer points, with Target Onyx 30mm points, Cosmo Fit Shaft GEAR SLIM Spinning #3 stems (24mm Fit Shaft GEAR), and Fit Flight Standard flights
- 1991 Unicorn T90 20 gram barrels,  with Target Onyx 30mm points, Target Pro Grip Spinner Short stems, Pentathlon punched standard flights, and Target Titanium Pro Grip Ringsz
Welcome to the forum Chris. Thanks for the in depth intro!

Nice intro. You’ll be right at home here with the Nutz. The Nutz know their stuff too so it makes for a lively forum. Have fun with it.
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Welcome to the forum and back to the game. Drop a line if you ever get up here to Vancouver Island.
Welcome to Darts Nutz.
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Welcome Chris.... nice to see you back playing..... life does sometimes get in the way as it did with your darts!!
Enjoy the forum and your darts.......and the pint,and anything stronger that you may enjoy!!!
Welcome Chris!
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Welcome to the forums Chris Smile

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Hi Chris. From what I've heard Seattle has a thriving community of darters? A good place to weather the storms as well.
Welcome to the forum

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