Custom made darts
I am looking at purchasing some custom made darts, but need to send the specs/drawings for them to be made.

Does anyone know any user friendly apps or something I could use to design my perfect darts?
I just did mine on microsoft excel...
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(05-29-2019, 02:15 PM)JannerinCardiff Wrote: I just did mine on microsoft excel...

(05-29-2019, 02:25 PM)theblindPew Wrote: Pic removed

Just do it Cool
This is how I did mine....if the machinist is any good he can work with just about long as you know the dimensions you want. Depends on the level of detail you want though.
I used MSPaint - cut up sections of existing darts and joined them all in one frankenstein mash up lol. Added the dimensions I wanted and Tony did a first class job of making them for me.
Yup, over the years I had several sets made by Jeff Pickup (RIP) and I always sent him hand drawings. Well, technically, I would do the hand drawing, and then take a pic of the drawing with my phone and email him that, but still a hand drawing.
Think for most folks submitting customs designs, the KISS principle comes into play.  CAD software and user friendly are not terms often used in the same breath.  This thread might help:

For what it's worth, I've seen members design darts using Microsoft Visio, Blender 3D, LibreCAD - to name a few.  But that's probably way over the top for submitting a custom design.
Pen and paper work fine, you dont need a perfect drawing, you can work easily with any custom maker back & forth, best thing is to know your demensions
If someone wants to try a 3D software, i recommend Tinkercad for your first steps.
It is a free online (runs in your browser) 3D modeling software and was made "specifically for kids and people with no experience in 3D".

I tried it for 10 minutes, seems to do the job quit easy, but you still have to invest a few hours to design your first dart.

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