Allowed to post darts wanted ??
Hi all, wanting to get clarification please wanting to purchase a certain set of darts, is this ok, is admin clarification required?
Thanks heaps
If you are asking if anyone knows of any particular shop(s) that has(have) a particular set available for purchase then I can't see a problem with that.

If however you are asking if any member has a particular set they would be willing to sell to you then no, you need 50 posts to use the BSS room, and any such post(s) will be deleted if they are outside the BSS room.

Also, if asking about shops outside the BSS room, should any subsequent replies start veering towards individual deals on the forum then those subsequent replies run the risk of being deleted as well.
Hello Kiwi

There is a section in the forums for Buy, Sell & Swap which you are able to access once you reach 50 posts, So i believe if you are looking to see if anyone is selling a certain set i believe that criteria would have to be met first but I'm sure MOD will be on soon for clarification.

"Buy, Sell or Swap Darts In Here - Members with 50 posts or more only (2 users browsing)
Got some darts you no longer want or need a new set check in here "
Thanks guys, was a certain set I'm looking to purchase.. will wait until I hopefully clock up 50 posts cheers

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