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     Per the tittle I'm brand new in darts and trying to get the best start I can to minimize bad habits and develop a solid base to work from.  With darts in hand and a dartboard mounted to the wall my first three days has been enlightening and a little more than frustrating.  Since I live in Santa Barbara, California there are no dart shops within a hundred miles, literally, and no leagues that I can find.  But I want to learn how to throw darts to the best of my ability, even if it's just me in the spare bedroom.  Since there are no shops around I've read a lot of articles and watched more YouTube videos than I can count, sound familiar to anyone out there?  I bit the bullet and purchase a set of heavy darts at 30 grams to start, already know after three days it was a mistake on my behalf.  Taped an Oche line on the floor with the center marked for reference and started trying different setups, grips, and positions.  Again as someone who knows just about nothing about darts I have some fundamental questions and I'd love feedback of any kind.....

1. I'm currently able to throw groups of around 4-5 inches with the occasional flier outside of this.  Am I OK with my present progress or am I really throwing wildly at this point in time?  Just trying to get a benchmark of some sort as to what I can really expect of myself to date.

2.  I'm "trying" to keep me arm at a steady 90 degrees to the floor, head up and focusing on the bulls eye, only using my forearm to throw the dart and end up pointing straight at my target on follow through.  All of these things and more are very very strange feeling for me, at this point in time.  Do others have to work on these too as they learn to throw? 

3.  I am currently "assuming" that my first goal is to reliable get my darts to group in less than a 2 inch circle, yes? 

     Any info or suggestions are welcome since I really don't have a point of reference to gauge what I should expect from myself, Thanks.
Hi and welcome along.......
All you gotta do is....
Find a set that is easy on the hand nd feels natural to grip in your hand ( easier said than done !!!!)
Once you done that then play round with flights and shift length to find gain what feels right and does not effect your release and flies good in the air
Your throw...just throw that feels comfortable and will be easy to repeat every time.....
Remember to keep elbow high and follow through!!!
The hard bit....... no easy way to improve apart from practice practice and more practice!!!
But don’t put pressure on yourself just have fun and enjoy it !!!
Hope that helps and enjoy your darts and the forum
Welcome to the forum.

I'd look into flight school here on the forum

Also, Dynamite Dave, on You tube has quite a few "how to" videos
If you think throwing darts feels strange, go play a round of golf and use that overlapping grip with fingers intertwined on the top of the shaft.

I will agree with what you have already found out, 30 gram darts are too heavy and I only know of 1 pro that uses anything close to that and that is Ryan Searle who uses darts that are 31 gram.

Find a comfortable stance, keep your feet solid on the ground but it's not unlikely you'd have a split around 60-40 on weight on the lead leg and trailing leg. I've always been a firm believer in the less motion on the set-up and throw of your darts, the more consistent you will become.

And like already mentioned, practice, practice, practice. Now go and have some fun.
Welcome to the forum.  I'd start by reading everything I can in our Beginner's section and elsewhere.  The Quick Reference Guide is a good start -

Don't put undue pressure on yourself, just have fun with it.
With practice, you will improve.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

Welcome Mate
Enjoy and have fun
They said that darts is a cheap game
Youll soon discover the opposite

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Thanks for the info guys and I'll try to keep improving as time goes on. Practice, practice, and more practice.
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Welcome Beejay
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