New set up/Grip changes
Hey guys, 

With the league season over with almost 2 months, and not starting back until September, I decided now is the time to make some changes!
I have changed from my old trusty Harrows Magnums 23g (which have been packed up and put in the retirement home) and I have gone for the Designa Dark Thunders in 22g. 
They are about 3mm longer than the Magnums, with much more grip with the twin ring grip over a knurled grip.
The set up I am using for them is 34mm Pro Grip Target stems with a standard Target flight, but the big change is the 38mm point in the Dark Thunders, compared to the standard 26mm (I think) point on the Magnums.
This, along with the grip change (2 fingers on the point with shorter pull back) means the dart is sitting a bit flatter than my old set up and grip. 
The darts look more appealing to me the way they are sitting in the board now, and even though it has been a bit tough at times with the release especially, with the changes all in one go, there is definitely some positives to take and stick at!

[Image: 20190523_084104.jpg]

[Image: 20190527_144953.jpg]


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