Congrats Leighton Bennett - 9 darter
Congratulations to Leighton Bennett who has hit a 9 darter in the DartsPlanetTV tournament in Norwich today - nice one Boom Boom

Not a bad player for a 13 year old!!
Future is only getting brighter and brighter.

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Indeed congrats to the young chap, well played Leighton. mint
brilliant and by far from the last,go boom Boom
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Great to see !!!
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Well done young Leighton.  Quite a celebration too.  Made me tired just to watch. Tongue
Apparently that was in the last 8 - just seen that he beat Nathan Derry 5-0 in the final to win the event as well - phenomenal talent
I imagine it was a very quiet and reserved celebration.
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It’s just obscene and not fair a 13 year old can do that!!!!!!!
Seriously so,well done such a huge talent and then to go on and win it..... huge future ahead if stays on track
Looks like the lad has talent...
I am amazed that an online bookkeeper has set odds of the young lad slotting in an 8 darter before his 18th birthday!

10,000-1 odds

Got to be worth a few quid... place a 100 pound bet and you will earn... One Million Pounds!(*)

Being serious for a moment. Amazing accuracy.
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