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Hello Nutz, 
People playing regularly in leagues or pubs will most likely find this useless, but for the ones having trouble finding partners/opponents it might work. I came up with this idea because it is almost impossible to gather people during the warm season, as most of them prefer going outdoors rather than playing darts. 
Beside training different things I like to have some sort of competitive challenge and this is my solution.

Darts Scoreboard League is based on the scoring app for Android, using its Droid opponent levels to create a league ladder. There are three divisions: the player starts in Conference, being able to promote to Championship and then to Premier (for good players that could be accomplished in 2 "seasons". All the matches are played using the best of 11 system (first to 6). This works for me because I wouldn't have enough time for longer formats. I play no more than one match per day, choosing the opponent randomly in order to keep things interesting.

Player, Droid 1, Droid 2, Droid 3, Droid 4, Droid 5, Droid 6, Droid 7
7 wins - direct promotion to Championship
6 wins - promotion play-off vs Droid 9
5 wins and below - Conference  

Player, Droid 8, Droid 9, Droid 10, Droid 11, Droid 12, Droid 13, Droid 14
7 wins - direct promotion to Premier
6 wins - promotion play-off vs Droid 16
2-5 wins - Championship
1 win - relegation play-off vs Droid 6
0 wins - direct relegation to Conference

Player, Droid 15, Droid 16, Droid 17, Droid 18, Droid 19, Droid 20, Droid 20
5-7 wins - qualification for the Finals
2-4 wins - Premier
1 win - relegation play-off vs Droid 13
0 wins - direct relegation to Championship

Semifinal vs Droid 19
Final vs Droid 20

I don't see myself becoming champion of this league very soon, but this is just an extra motivation to keep going.
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Not a bad Idea, I might try adding this to my longer training routines, Might help push to get my averages up and work more on my outs.
An update after my first "season"
Having an average above 55 will get you through Conference quite easily, even a 50 average will be ok with solid enough finishing. Mine was terrible against Droid 5, so losing that match meant going to the play-off. Droid 9 had an average of 57, but its finishing has been quite inconsistent and I won the match.
Championship will be a nice challenge. Matches against Droid 7 and Droid 9 were about finding the finish at the right moment. I feel that, as long as you take it seriously, this is a good training for concentration and coping with pressure.
Proud user of Voks MMA 22g darts - for more info on them see Getagrip's review.
Nice idea. Well done.
This is actually a very good idea gonna give this a go

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