Hello from Springfield, Mo.
Hi Edward and welcome aboard and welcome to the game - as said above don't give up on the counting, with practice it should become easier.
Welcome to the Nutz. Used to go in to Springfield now and again as a child. Bet it’s changed a lot. Enjoy the Nutz - they are all that and more.
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Welcome to the forum
(05-24-2019, 02:30 AM)kundalini Wrote: Hey Ed, welcome to the forum, but mostly thank you for your service.

The antennas perk up when you mentioned Cricket.  IMO, the difference between Cricket and 01 is pretty simple. In 01, it's dart skills and math skills.  With Cricket, it's darts skills and strategy.  Assuming your Cricket games are much like my area, it's 20-15 and Bulls. The thing is you can't win if you don't have the most points. Now, I hate point whores, but there is a reason to point.  My goal is to be 76 points ahead because that's 4 Bulls my opponent needs to hit to overtake me.

With 01 and the time it takes to do the math, let me just say it gets easier with time. Get yourself an Outchart printed out.  Easiest thing to remember is to bang the treble 20s until you hit 170.  That's when the 3 dart out begins. As far as the time, our league (by rule) allows 3 minutes to finish your toss. You'd be surprised what you can do in 3 minutes, even at 54 'cause I'm well beyond that number. Smile  There will always be someone on your team better with the math, get comfortable with them. Get their attention when you are getting close to finishing and close to the throw line.... attentive to your game/finish.  I've never experienced any issue with the opposing team to allow for this chat between team mates on what you should be throwing at next.  If your team mate is a chalker, he/she can only spout what you have scored and ONLY if asked.

Another thing, there are apps for your phone with helping on the 01 outs.

     My friend and I did our first  cricket game 2 nights ago on soft tip machine against a team the showed as one player our level and one player unknown. EVERY time the unknown got up they got triples. Once down to just Bulls which we eventually closed out they had 200 points we had 32, is that what you mean by point hogs? They obviously (IMHO) could have ended the game any time but dragged it out until we closed it all out. Was not fun seeing how severely out matched we were. Until then my friend and I had only played straight Cricket no point/ or casual points no attempts to get far from each other’s scores.
(05-24-2019, 12:58 AM)nixer55 Wrote: Welcome Ed.  Don't give up on counting because you can turn weakness into strength.  Just takes practice and effort, like most things.

Not really a matter of giving up, just that the PTSD meds leave me in a bit of a fog and focus, counting, and thinking in general is slower.
Thank you all for the warm welcomes.
Welcome to the group and as for counting, I can't keep it straight either. I'm too slow in the brain these days LOL

I do on-line games against the computer as I'm not very social. Well, I take that back, I don't stay out late enough to get involved with the matches happening late at night. You might want to check out those apps and let the computer do the math for you.

Pro Darter is one and think the other is RussBrayPro?
Welcome to the forums welcome
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Welcome to Darts Nutz.
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