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Still pretty new to throwing darts about 9 or 10 months in. Just finished my first leauge recently and play on a regular basis at a local bar. I am trying to get a board at home do I can practice more and start doing more tournaments.
Thanks for having me
Welcome to the Forums! How did you find your first league? I've not ventured to join local team for the league yet perhaps next season I might feel ready. Soft tip? or Steel or dabble in both?
Welcome Joshua. Definitely get a board up at home if you can.
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Welcome Joshua!

I agree with getting a board up at home. First, it affords you the time to practice without having to leave the house, thus you can have a few adult beverages when you practice and not have any worries about getting home safe and sound. Plus, you can play almost anytime you feel like it until you wake the Mrs. with the thud and she puts a halt to it in ways only a Mrs. can.

Good that you jumped into league play. You can practice all you want at home, but it's the pressure of competition that will make you a better player in the long run. Oh, and my advice is to seek out as good a player you can find to challenge so your game is pushed to do better. You won't learn much playing people you can hammer all the time.

Welcome to the group.
Welcome to the forums welcome
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Welcome to the forum
Hi Joshua, welcome to the forum!
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Hi Joshua, welcome.
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