Dynasty A-Flow Black Line Hot Fuzz 25g
Greetings fellow Nutz,
I have been struggling to find "the ones" for many years now.
I stopped playing for a while in the late 80s to assume the role of Father to my growing brood, and at the time was throwing a set of Harrows Tigers (27g, well thats what it said on the LEATHER case), and I loved them, they were "the ones".
A few years ago the urge to play struck me again and I got out the ones and cleaned them up and weighed they were from 26.8 - 28.4g. unfortunately my wife was practicing with them and one ended up behind a storage cupboard and thats where its stayed.
So without the ones I started on my New quest.
I have tried - Shot!, Unicorn, Target, Winmau, One80 even a set of Customs and on and on but never got there. Tried 23g, 22g, 20g, 21g and then I saw A set of Dynasty A-Flow Eagles for sale by (I think ) Chris the Fish, they were a thing of beauty, but at 55mm way too long.
I went off to DC and browsed their Dynasty Range and saw them.
It took a few months of looking and trying before I bit the bullet and ordered the ones they arrived a little over a week ago, but they feel great and are very forgiving. Ive paired them with Harrows Carbon + Short stems and standard flights and they go great !
They are THE ONES !

Has any one else had this kind of quazi-religious experience with their darts or is it the first sign of premature senile decay or worse ?
[Image: 2a8nmeg.jpg]

League Darts: 
Dynasty "Hot Fuzz" 25g with Short Pro Grip Shafts - Std Flights
BOARD: Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core

2019 Formal 180s - 8
2019 Practice 180s - don't want talk about them
Best Ever Finish - 170, 160, 144, 142

For the greater good...
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