Silver Jubilee darts, 1977
Hi. Does anyone know anything about Silver Jubilee darts from 1977? ( Hallmarked silver). Thank you Smile
Interesting first post - you need 50 posts to use the buy and sell room on here before I start with the little I know.

First off, do you have a picture of the darts?

Without a picture I'm guessing they would be the Durro Silver Jubilee set as that was hallmarked. I was actually looking at these in one of the old editions of Darts World magazine a couple of weeks ago and just dug it out. If it is them then they came with a set of special Jubilee flights and they were available in limited quantities, made to order only.

The only other special Silver Jubilee set I'm aware of was a set made by Elkadart, but they were silver plated so don't think they would have a proper hallmark on - I think they just put EP or EPNS on silver plate items.

There may be other sets made by other manufacturers, but the above are the only two I'm aware of.
Oh, and before you ask, if they are the Durro set then I wouldn't have a clue what they would be worth, but if they are the Elkadart set then I would guess around £10-15 if in the packaging.
Thank you mc1958,  that is appreciated. Really interesting. I actually really love them and selling would only be in an emergency. Strangely I've not been able to find anything about them online and was intrigued.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
And I might add, welcome to the group, if even for a quick appraisal of your darts.
Thank you.That is appreciated.

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