Blade 4 Dual Core review
(10-07-2014, 11:30 AM)Getagrip Wrote: Strange as to why its gone hard though?

yeah i thought so too. its weird as i have turned it 4 times in the last ten days, and every time the 20 section has developed a rock hard spot very quickly. the point will only go in 1 or 2mm before it hits the rock hard section. most times the dart falls out. around the hard spots the board still feels as it did. as i say after 8 months heavy use i have no real complaint. a couple of the hard spots are in the T20 and in those areas you can see the sisal has sunk back a little. the odd thing is the bull is still absolutely fine.

i would have no hesitation in buying another one, but as is often the case with us darters i feel like trying something new.
Im in the same spot rich, there's a couple sections that are extremely hard and can barely push a dart into. The darts are still somewhat holding but now it's in my head and know it will get worse. I've loved this board though, but I'm with you, not sure if i'm going to try something new. I've had mine now for bout 4 months and while it has plenty of life left in it, it might be time to be considering a new board.
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My old dartboard is getting very worn out and is in need of replacement.
I'm getting a Blade 4 or a Blade 4 DCm but after reading that the Dual Core get's hard after a couple of months use I don't know....

Does anyone have suggestions about wich board might be most durable? (Blade 4 or Blade 4 DC)

And of course, if there already is a thread about this please let me know, I searched but didn't find this particular subject.
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to be honest my board only went hard around the T20 segments and only after 8 months of very hard use. I have brought a new one because in the end i have never had pro level board last as long. i also love the rota lock system and the seamless dual core construction. my last blade 4 only lasted around 4 months as a comparison.
My board has went hard in places too, I've had a lot of darts being spat out and some of my trebles are terribly hard, darts are just barely sticking even with scuffed points. I've had my for 6 months, use it about an hour a day.

First board really so don't know if that's good wear or not. I'm not so happy with it now as a lot of scores end up on the floor.....

I can see other people are getting the same thing, strange or normal on a board?
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Not noticed it on mine but I wonder if it has something to do with the way the 2 layers are stuck together?
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Try the bulls adv 3 been going strong for a yr. Great board!!
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got my dual core today from argos for £26...its a belter,really impressed...the thing is though.....its for xmas!!!!!....torture,she let me inspect it in case it was a dodgy board,but wont let me have a throw!!!aahhh..
I got one from Argos last week - the rota lock system is no good for me as I use the Unicorn wall clamp for my boards, but I'm pleased with it so far
Had mine under a week now, no problems except some of the holes don't seem to 'heal' that well?
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