Darts tinkering thoughts
So I have gone from the Daytona Fire, then put ten-x flights on the Daytona, then moved to my Winmau Hi-Impact darts with standard Winmau 75micron flights.
So here are my observations (all setups run a short target pro-grip with a standard grip spring (non target thin ring).

They Daytona had been my constant dart over the last few months on and off, felt with the standard No6 flights the barrel would dip near the  end of its flight. No problem as I had a counter measure built in where I would launch up a little more. 
I then put ten-x flights on this setup and the flight of the dart was a little less dippy near the end of the flight and the darts landed flatter....but in reality, I felt the dart was losing too much altitude regardless near the end of its flight.

I then threw McKicks 25g, short target stems and Std Amazon 100micron flights. OK, now the darts are going in straighter, but off to the left as far as angle.
Straighter landing as the dart is not losing height near the end of its flight to the board the same way the DF03 was. This coupled with my built-in adjustment for throw must have meant that (all else being equal) the Daytona Fire was the culprit. BUT - My darts were landing at an angle to the left. 

OK I thought, time to get a barrel with the same dimensions width wise....as the width of the McKicks was good, but I needed a little more grip further back (to reduce fishtailing - think the momentum of lateral trajectory front vs rear propelling). At the same time, I also needed to take some weight off the flight itself. To have lateral movement reduced, let the dart lead the momentum battle, the flight then as light as possible so it only supports stability. Heavy flights move the weight rearward and therefore lateral movement is harder to control.
I went with my 25g Winmau Hi-Impact darts (sold at Argos only I think in this style), target short stems and Winmau Std 75 micron flights.

The result was staggering. The throw felt much more effortless. Not as much force needed. The darts were behaving and easy to control. The landing angle was perfect. Its as if the dart was held up in the air at a slower speed and just dipped down slightly (but from a higher altitude) and into the board. Also being a straight barrel and the fact that I now felt in control, it means that I can grip at different sections to manipulate how I want the dart to land or fly. 
A handful of 100-140 scores, 9 darts from 301 etc were some of the repeatable highlights. 

Moving to a medium stem on the same setup....I felt slightly less in control. Almost like I had to add some power into the throw, as the flight further back created a larger axis of rotation....and my throw is perhaps smooth enough that I didn't need the added stability that this may have offered. So back to the shorts.

I dabbled with the same setups on the D Gurney darts (super narrow) and 2g lighter. More fishtailing due to a lighter weight leading the flight assembly and the fact the darts that narrow greatly reduce the control surface area that we can interact with. 

So - Less controllable dart, but higher scoring potential I guess if you can throw such a dart, repeatedly consistent. 

It was an interesting revelation. I have other sets of darts there with similar dimensions to my chosen Winmau Hi Impacts, such as the Target Azzurri etc...but again, those No6 flights....I've loads of them but I am not convinced they are all that. It's almost like a narrower flight which forces you to add a bit of oomph into the throw and reduced stability, plus they are 100microns, but with minimal, if any benefits so far as size is concerned with grouping. 

PS - I think with reference to flights and stems - most (all maybe) of the pro's seem to use standard No2 size and short/tweenie stems.

Apologies for rambling, off to the office coffee machine before I end up blogging a book on here... Confused
Many pros use medium stems and few like cross and wade use smaller standard flights.

Great to hear your experiences though
To quote a favorite musician/song writer......"Great Googley Moogely".......I wish I could throw steadily enough to do what you did! If I throw the same dart 5 times it will do 5 different things....lol. But what a wealth of info you provided. If that could be charted it would helps others. Something like you just did but with the results from different shaft lengths and weights and flights as well using, say, 3 different dart weights....take a lot of work but invaulable information! Or has this been done??
Good for you though....luck to you and shoot well.....or continue to shoot well.... Smile

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