Manufacturer comparison
How do you view the world of darts manufacturers? What would you compare them too?
I should say I'm a fan of all manufacturers so this is just a bit of fun!

Target: like the new kid in school, a little bit naughty and wild but destined to be the most popular kid

Unicorn: the post grad, been there seen it and done it all, but still hanging about outside the school gates.

Winmau: the reliable kid, always on time no back chat a model pupil.

Red dragon: winmau's crazier brother a geek at heart but the cool kids like him.

Harrow's: the comfy old relative that picks you up from school, their house is a bit quirky but secretly you love going there for a cup of tea and cake after school.

Can't think of any more for the other manufacturers.
23g dobey phase 2
Extra short stems
Target no2 flights
My favourite manufacturer used to be Red Dragon. I felt like they were doing some innovative stuff and charging reasonable prices.

For a good while now I've liked Target as I think they took over the mantle of being most innovative.

Currently, I really like the look of some Shot barrels.

The only brand I don't like is Unicorn. It annoys me that the diameter of the join between their stems and barrels is different to everybody else. Plus, I don't like the smooth silver points they put in their darts.
I like all brands i buy a set cause of the design not the name on it
I am a winmau fan. Reliable, quality products, has been making excellent darts products over many years.
Boards, darts, score keepers, mats, oches etc etc.

Unicorn is boring. Every dart they have has a name signed on it. Nothing original and on its own.
Target tried to reinvent the dart, with pixel grips, ten x and no6 flights.....and have a superb marketing department.
If they're under £15 and with the perfect dimensions, then I would even buy a Microsoft or Apple dart (even though they would probably both crash)
Most of the brands listed there are manufactured by outsourced factories, they are not the manufacturer themselves, rather a company and owner. So I find it inappropriate to call them manufacturer.

As far as I know, only Cosmo Darts, Harrows, Elkadart, Puma Darts, Bottelsen and other Japanese brands are true manufacturers.
Fav Dart : Harrows Nemesis 20g softip & RAZR Bulbous  20g softip
Shaft      : Harrows Heavy Metal 4g brass
Flight      : Harrows Hologram Fantail, Dimplex, Velos
Points     : Cosmo Fit Point + , CHEAP Harrows Conversion Points
Board     : Harrows Pro Matchplay
Machine  : VSPhoenix
OCD Darter!! Shy

Not the manufacturer its the design.
[Image: 2e2gdae.jpg]
I buy a dart that appeals to me, not the manufacturer.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

Harrows or Red Dragon for me.
Unicorn has an appropriate name.
[Image: lWbm6R3.png]
So.....of the dart companies out there, where are they actually made?
I thought Target made their own in the UK, along with Harrows and Winmau.
I believe Unicorn is out in China...with poor quality control, if their boards were anything to go by.

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