Prematch preparations mind and body
There have been many posts on this subject especially as it it’s vital to creating a positive attitude to your game.

True self confidence has to be earned and not manufactured on the night, and leading up to match night, steady and sound practice sessions are the key.

Find a challenging set of routines that cover the basic key trebles and doubles and don’t over train because you must be relaxed and refreshed. This means arriving early at the venue and even having a nano nap (if possible) and eating a light meal. Remembering that concentration is integral to becoming good at this sport.

If it’s a different venue to normal and there are lots of new faces a quick Hi to break the ice is always good.

Now with a clear head and relaxed frame of mind comforted only by the confidence that only good and deliberate practice regimes have instilled, it’s time to do some basic stretches arms shoulders neck.
Similar to when you’re on a long flight a good stretch is essential body preparation that must be undertaken and MUST include deep breathing to remove as much tension as possible.

A much overlooked / ignored aspect is your hands and fingers... many years ago I was watching a top player loosening up before a final and saw him squeezing a tennis ball. So I asked him politely whether he had hurt his hand and he told me NO.

Note: You can just do some squeeze and release exercises without a ball it could be your case etc.

To his mind... he saw the mechanics of darts like a robot and said....consider stand as rigid as you can with a relaxed throwing action and at the critical point of release all can go astray if it’s not smooth, so gripping and releasing the dart in hand is very important. All I’m doing is relaxing and warming up my hold on the’s common-sense really.

But there again common-sense is not that common is it?


PS. I forgot to add he won the match comfortably.
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Good advice as always Dorian

Just like you say, feeling prepared is key for me which means having done the practice during the week and getting in a good warmup prior to starting.

Sometimes hard to keep as warmed up as I would like on league night with having to chalk and whatnot but that is also something to consider.

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