1 Leg format
I play in a league where we have 10 man teams playing a single leg of 501. If we win our league and gain promotion the Premier division throws best of 3. Anyone else had experience of this format?
One of the leagues I play in is a pairs league, 4 pairs each team play each of the oppositions pairs 1 leg of 601 losing pair buys the winning pair a beer, so 16 legs in all. It used to be 501 each leg, but they changed it to 601 a couple of seasons ago.
Our Winter League is a one leg format, makes it challenging if you start off with a 26. (Used to also be double in to add to the carnage)

Summer Superleague League is best of 7 legs.
Back playing and having fun!

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I played in a Friday league a decade ago where 1x501 leg was the singles format in all divisions.
I think it's the toughest format in local league because anyone can produce one great leg.
DI is the norm around my neck of the woods, but would be brutal in a 1 leg format. Confused
Our Thursday league is 6 singles 501 then 3 pairs 501 ( pairs are double out double in)

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Never played that format but would be good for development.
Kinda like the way Duzza came to play against PDC counterparts and buried them.
Good confidence booster !

Strange that I’ve noticed some of the premier league guys complain the their point per dart average is available on a website, and for some it isn’t done(in competitions).
For me,I like the statistics because it gives me a reference for my development.

Perhaps the most beautiful things about this game is that anyone can win at any given time.
Of course practice and training are beneficial, but I had a friend say last year. It’s harder to beat a lucky player than it is to beat a good player!
I think he meant more that the lucky player happens to get into the zone and shoot really well.

Short venues are great for testing you ability to adapt an d keep calm.

Good development in this format.

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Iv’e been working on my accuracy. I’ve gone from 53.6% to 92.8% getting 3 darts in the foam ring around my Winmau !

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