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Target Pro Tour
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One80 G3 vs Blade 5 DC spider and other considerations
I’m torn between these 2 boards.  I’ve read loads of reviews and watched the videos. The spider on the Blade 5 seems thinner, but I have not seen them side by side. Looking for feedback on this and any other thoughts on my decision.  Also, the G2 is pretty cheap in comparison of price for me here in them US so I am considering that an option also. Is the spider on the G2 the same as the G3?   Lastly, I’m considering the Target Pro Tour board too but have found less info on it. I would be interested in how you folks on Darts Nutz would rank these 4 boards.  

Just got back into the game and will be replacing my old Nodor Supabull.
Adrian Lewis Gen 2 23g
One80 G3
Kentucky Bourbon
Once more into dartboard choice wars!  

Don't have a B5DC or a G2, but have a B5 and G3.  And some others...

The G3 plays miles better, but the spider's lifting along the bottom.  My supplier has committed to replace.  Off topic, but consider who you buy from, not just price.  Might make a difference if the unexpected happens.  If you want the best manufacturer support, hard to beat Unicorn.  Yes, Unicorn.

My B5's older, and the sisal shows it.  But the spider's pretty good, with only moderate lifting around the bull and treble ring.  In my experience, they all lift to a certain extent over time.

For steel tip, personally I'd not choose the B5DC because it's reputed to be softer than the B5.  I've heard the G2 is very good, but also quite firm.  Does firmness matter?  You bet!  Firmer boards tend to wear better in terms of the sisal.  But they're not as forgiving in case of ill thrown darts, deflections, and the like.  And you might have to scuff your points now and again.

 Also think about mounting as well.  And noise.  The Winmau 'Roto-lock' system is great for uneven surfaces, but transmits sound through a wall like nothing else.  Can you fix it?  Sure, but not using parts out of the box...

Didn't vote because I only own one of the boards listed.  And there's more to think about than A, B, or C.  And I haven't even mentioned surround fit.  Those boards are slightly different diameters...

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