2019 European Darts grand Prix
Well done to Darren Webster, 6-4 over Price.  Gritty performance...
Good win by Beaton. Also an entertaining match with Webster and Price. Darren kicking it on the finishing with 100, 148 and a "Big Fish" 170.

Another possible good one with Gurney/Aspinall next.
Beautiful match between Webster and Price.
First semi final will be Ian White vs Steve Beaton who won their quarter 6-1 and 6-2 respectively
Aspinall hit a robin hood on match dart going for tops in the deciding leg - Yozza steps up and takes out 58 to win 6-5
Wow, Snakebite beats MVG 6-3 to complete the semi final line up
Thought Steve was coming back into that one but White found another gear - White into the final 7-5
Would have loved Beaton to win one more tournament, utter legend and such a great throw

Darts are custom made 19g, made for me by David at Double Dee Darts. Great bloke, highly recommended.

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54 years old with a body prematurely turning into a corpse
looking forward to the Final
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Congratulations white
It'll be interesting to see the revised Order of Merit, White should just about overtake Whitlock
(05-13-2019, 01:46 AM)Sultan Pepper Wrote: It'll be interesting to see the revised Order of Merit, White should just about overtake Whitlock

Nearly - Whitlock is £250 ahead after yesterday
Just started catching up a little on YouTube, watching White vs Brown and how good is White?!

Obviously know the results but blimey, every time I see his name he is there or thereabouts.

Got to be time for Ian White - World Champion Smile
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