Unicorn shafts...nylon/polycarb
Don't know if I should have added this to the prior post about the Unicorn shafts but that was more about the aluminium ones. So anyway...last time I ordered parts I ordered Unicorns by mistake instead of Pro-Grip....when I got them, only 2 sets(yay), I thought nylon is nylon or whatever they are made of..poly carb?, and they had the wide flight rings so I thought all was fine. Opened the package and tried to screw the shaft in....real,real tight.....hmmm....ok got them all in and loaded up and threw at the board.....3rd dart bounced out,hit the floor and the shaft snapped right at the thread. Never had that happen with the pro-Grip. Grabbed my Get the broken shaft outta the barrel tool, and proceeded to unscrew the broken piece. Yeah,well...didn't go as easy as it should have. Ended up having to hold the barrel with a pair of pliers and giving it everything I had to unscrew that piece.....whew. I don't know if this is standard with Unicorn shafts or I just got a bad bunch but they aren't being used by me anymore. Nice darts maybe but garbage parts or quality control.
Man that's not good. I've always just shoved a dart point into the broken shaft and twisted it out.
I've been having real good luck with these supergrip carbon stems.
I've only used my broken shaft tool a couple of times, but it did work well.
I've never used Unicorn shafts, but the shafts I got with a set of Red Dragon darts took longer to set up than they did to break.
Lately, I have been using and liking Supergrip Fusions.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

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I reckon they were Gripper 4. I had a set too and the thread was too fat to get even into my Unicorn Andos, not talking about barrels that had smaller threads than the Unicorn darts. I just bought a set back then to see what if because I saw that Gripper 3 were better than Gripper 2 but I better gave them away and stayed with Target Pro Grips. These days I use Cosmo shafts. Mostly the metal ones.
As far as the broken shaft remover tool was mentioned. I had one in the past and it didn't work well at all. I play also soft tips and I've helped many times to other players with their broken points and nothing can beat my sharp can opener on a Swiss knife.
(05-08-2019, 11:54 AM)elevendarter Wrote: Only available to view for active members with 5 or more posts click register to join Smile
One of my talents and side job at work was to try and remove broken screws and whatnot form different parts and all sorts of materials. When I got back into darts and started breaking shafts (I always used alum shafts in the past and hated them but they never snapped at the thread) I made up a couple of different tools to remove them and they all worked...maybe better than my store boughten tool. I bought this one because it seems no one else had one and I could lend out without a half hour lesson on how to use it .....lol. I have no idea what they did before I joined the league.

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