Embedding Pictures in a Post
How to Embed Pictures in a Post with Direct Links

Sometimes we have a picture we want to share, but the site doesn't supply suitable 'share links' you can copy.  We've talked about this before in other Guides, but the technique can work stand alone as well.

If you have a direct link - i.e. can open just the picture in a new browser tab - no problem!  Of course you could always post the link, but then members have to click to follow.  And some folks would rather not.  Plus a picture's worth a thousand links! Tongue

Here's what you can do.  Open that picture in a new tab with your browser.  Copy the link URL from your browser address bar, then go to the post you want to embed the pic.  Make sure you're in the main editor, not 'Quick reply'.  You go to the main editor by default when you start or reply to a thread.  Looks like the screenshot below.

Use the circled "Insert Image" button and paste your link into the URL box shown.  Add settings for width and height for a better post 'fit'.  300-600 for both seems a good starting point, but you'll have to experiment to find your best options.  You'll want to maintain the 'aspect ratio' of the original picture for best visual results and avoid distorting the picture.  But since that's a little more advanced, we'll leave it for now.  You'll also want to make sure "show source" is toggled off, or you'll not get the same dialogue.  The 'show source' button is far right, bottom toolbar.

[Image: Jurhg03.jpg]

When you're ready, insert the image, and hit the Post or Preview button.  Of course there're exceptons to this guide - Google Drive and Google Photos come to mind.  But we have a FAQ for that too! Cool
If anyone's having a problem with this technique, post a link and we'll figure it out! Smile
Another example for you.  This is a Facebook image from the DNF Facebook page embedded.  So we can share these without logging on to FB.  IF the source FB account is not restricted in some manner.  How long it'll remain available is another story, and out of our control:

[Image: 59339738_2112073405513287_29514249207745...e=5D61BA69]

So how did I get this?  Well I went on Facebook, selected a picture, and opened just the picture in a new tab.  Then copied the link from my browser address bar.  Started this post and pasted that link in the "Insert Image" dialogue documented in the guide. Make sure you get the full link.

Here's what the post looks like when 'show source'  is on.  See arrow in screenshot.  All 'show source' means is the actual code that's rendered to produce the post.  This is processed by the forum's software - then the host web server. Your browser reads and interprets this code - and presto - you're looking at a picture!  What could go wrong! Wink

[Image: qtKAFHc.jpg]
oh sweet information!! never knew how to do that
In this post, I'll expand on the aspect ratio stuff I mention in the guide.  When you open an image in a new tab, most browsers will show the resolution on the tab label.  Like this:

[Image: 9hA07cc.jpg]

The info we're after is the "2160 X 3840".  This is the native resolution of the picture as uploaded. This would make a very large picture, so I'll reduce the width to 216 - to keep things simple!  The forum will calculate the height automatically, so at this point you can just hit "Insert" without further input:

[Image: jdDkjZa.png]

The result fits neatly in the post:

[Image: j6TassP.jpg]

Of course you might want it larger, so you'll have to play with the values.  But illustrates the concept. Smile

Updated:  Edited for wzywg's input on auto-calc of aspect ratio. Smile
I recognise those darts Smile
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(05-16-2019, 03:59 PM)jt4527 Wrote: I recognise those darts Smile

lol - shameless use of your post.  Hopefully the darts won't be yours for long though! Wink
Pro tip: There's no need to calculate the aspect ratio to change the image size. Just input the width OR the height and the code maintains the proper aspect ratio and figures it out the other value for you.  Cool

[Image: 4u4S51a.png]
(05-16-2019, 05:51 PM)wzywg Wrote: Pro tip: There's no need to calculate the aspect ratio to change the image size. Just input the width OR the height and the code maintains the proper aspect ratio and figures it out the other value for you.  Cool

Good tip, wasn't sure that was true via the image dialogue.  But appears to be so.

Edit:  Updated post accordingly. Smile

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