What are the top 3 things players new to the game want to know?
Going through the many threads in the Beginners section, struck me might be useful to understand the most common things players new to the game want to know.  Or should know.Tongue  To keep things manageable, let's restrict it to 3 per post for now.

So Nutz, what do you think?  If you're new the game, or an old pro, let's hear from you!

1) which weight darts to choose
2) recommended brands
3) how many darts Darren has stashed away in his warehouses
1) which weight darts to choose
2) where to grip the dart eg. front, middle or rear
3) what shape and length darts to use

and 3a) how many darts Darren has stashed away in his warehouses
Why are dart players so fat?
[Image: aviary-image-1546527737695-02.jpg]
Where to buy the best paint / filler to fix all the holes that are thrown in the wall
I guess...

Why the pattern of the numbers: 20-1-18-4-13-6-10-15-2-17-3-19-7-16-8-11-14-9-12-5
- (Is it really true that this number sequence were Queen Victoria's Phlogiston Weapon codes the Royal Navy had back in the 19th century and infamously used by HMS Bacchante in August 1883 in the Dutch East Indies and covered up as just a volcanic eruption.)
Ryk is currently using:-
 鈴木 未来  Jadeite 24g
::  L-Shaft Locked Slim 300 Emerald :: Metal Champagne Ring Aqua :: - L-Flight Dimple Solid Emerald  :: Winmau Blade 6 ::
lol - I can see where this is going.  Maybe because my return to Nutz-dom is a little more recent, I'll give it a stab.
  1. Do I need my own board?  YES!
  2. What darts to buy?  Get the right shape for your grip and throw.  Weight not as critical, but 24g is a good place to start for a new player in steel tip.  See this post.
  3. What kind of stems / shafts?  Start with nylon, and get a selection of sizes - medium, intermediate, and short.  Starting out, use simple spring rings to secure your flights.  Later, you can fine tune your preferences and try other setups.  Understand stems and flights are consumables.
Read, read, and read some more!
1) Dart etiquette.....what and what not to do when playing out.
2) Basic how to throw...stance/arm movement/follow through.
3) Baloo's address to send all darts and supplies you don't use anymore.
Smile Wink Rolleyes
lol - good answer! Wink
What difference does flight shape and stem length make?

What practice routines should I use?

Which dart brand is the best/are there any to avoid?
Monster Helios 3 22g
One80 Vice stems
Black shape L Style flights 
Gold champagne caps 

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