2019 German Darts Open
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Happening this weekend

2019 German Darts Open
Draw Bracket

Gerwyn Price (3) v Kirk Shepherd/Steve Beaton
Simon Whitlock (14) v Jamie Hughes/Brendan Dolan
Rob Cross (6) v Lukas Wenig/Chris Dobey
Joe Cullen (11) v Jerry Hendriks/James Wilson
Adrian Lewis (7) v James Richardson/Wayne Jones
Max Hopp (10) v Stephen Bunting/John Henderson
Ian White (2) v Kyle Anderson/Jeffrey De Zwaan
Darren Webster (15) v Karsten Koch/Vincent Van der Meer
Peter Wright (4) v Kevin Munch/Steve Lennon
Dave Chisnall (13) v Ted Evetts/Vincent Kamphuis
Mensur Suljovic (5) v Mickey Mansell/Steve West
Daryl Gurney (12) v Mike de Decker/David Pallett
James Wade (8) v Pavel Jirkal/Luke Humphries
Jonny Clayton (9) v Nathan Aspinall/Dennis Nilsson
Michael van Gerwen (1) v Dimitri Van den Bergh/Thomas Kohnlein
Jermaine Wattimena (16) v Gabriel Clemens/Raymond van Barneveld

Schedule of Play
Friday April 26
First Round
Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 GMT)

James Richardson v Wayne Jones
Mickey Mansell v Steve West
Jamie Hughes v Brendan Dolan
Karsten Koch v Vincent Van der Meer
Mike de Decker v David Pallett
Pavel Jirkal v Luke Humphries
Kirk Shepherd v Steve Beaton
Jerry Hendriks v James Wilson

Evening Session (1915 local time, 1815 GMT)
Ted Evetts v Vincent Kamphuis
Nathan Aspinall v Dennis Nilsson
Lukas Wenig v Chris Dobey
Kyle Anderson v Jeffrey De Zwaan
Dimitri Van den Bergh v Thomas Kohnlein
Gabriel Clemens v Raymond van Barneveld
Stephen Bunting v John Henderson
Kevin Munch v Steve Lennon

Saturday April 27
Second Round
Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 GMT)

Darren Webster v Koch/Van der Meer
Simon Whitlock v Hughes/Dolan
Joe Cullen v Hendriks/Wilson
Daryl Gurney v De Decker/Pallett
Adrian Lewis v Richardson/Jones
Gerwyn Price v Shepherd/Beaton
Ian White v Anderson/De Zwaan
James Wade v Jirkal/Humphries

Evening Session (1915 local time, 1815 GMT)
Dave Chisnall v Evetts/Kamphuis
Jonny Clayton v Aspinall/Nilsson
Rob Cross v Wenig/Dobey
Peter Wright v Munch/Lennon
Max Hopp v Bunting/Henderson
Mensur Suljovic v Mansell/West
Michael van Gerwen v Van den Bergh/Kohnlein
Jermaine Wattimena v Clemens/Van Barneveld

Sunday April 28
Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 GMT)

Third Round

Evening Session (1915 local time, 1815 GMT)
Sunday’s games played in Draw Bracket order

All games up to and including the quarter-finals are the best of 11 legs, with the semi-finals the best of 13 legs and the final the best of 15 legs.

Dartconnect links to the qualifiers:

Host Nation - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdc19ethnq4
Euro Associate members - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdc19etamq4
Good watch the opener between Jones and Richardson, James takes it 6-5 in the end.

Richardson to play Adie in the 2nd round.

Couple of Cosmo players next, Mansell/West.
Mansell wins the Cosmo battle 6-3, was up 5-1 at one point.

West started with a new set, then switched and switched again methinks.  Anyways, it didn't help. Rolleyes Big Grin
Glad Yozza got through there 6-4 as not a Dolan fan, but enjoyed that from both players
(04-26-2019, 01:37 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Glad Yozza got through there 6-4 as not a Dolan fan, but enjoyed that from both players

Same for me. but Dolan when he's not fiddling about does show some decent form.
Yes, that was a quality match...
Are German's not allowed to call in sick on Fridays? there looks to be 10-12 people watching...lol
Moddarts 22 Gram Keith Deller'sModdarts
9 darter from the Adonis Big Grin
Awesome 9 darter in the second leg against Shepherd. inthere
and for anyone who missed it


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