Winmau Prism Force equivalent
I'm looking for a replacement for these. I'm using the 48mm stems.

I've had very good results with these since I moved to a shorter John Lowe like barrel. 
They have grooves and they help my grip a lot. Perfect balance for me. I made a lot of progress recently and have seen my average become almost respectable so I don't want to change the setup or my grip unless there is no other way.

Problem is that these stems are very very fragile. Quality seems to be poor by design. 
I break 2 or 3 of them on a quiet day. 
Use punched flights already but every Robin Hood or as soon as a point touches the end of the stem in a tight stack, there is damage. 
I burn through 10 to 15 sets a week. And they are not cheap. This is getting ridiculous.

So here's my question: is there a solid nylon/plastic stem I could use instead?
Alternatively I might just switch to classic Harrows or Target stems since they are practically indestructible in my experience but then I don't have grip on the stem anymore. 
Is there a simple way to cut 1 or 2 1mm grooves in nylon/plastic stems?
I found the clear ones to be pathetically brittle. I have been led to believe that the opaque colours are much sturdier, what colour had you been using?
Black and white. Same result.
There all crap regardless of colour ive smashed every set ive used, Im not joking one stem all smashed just by hitting the board it shattered.
I agree those stems are terrible, I've never had so many break, both the tangs snapping and they also snap in the barrel.

I can't think of any other nylon stems with grip like that but these metals bulls stems have some grip. They're 1mm shorter than what you're using but the flights don't normally go in as deep on metal stems so the length should be okay.

Alternatively, maybe try the Harrows carbon stems, they've don't have grip but are a matte finish so shouldn't be as slippy as normal nylon stems.
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Thanks Chappers. Yeah, I have those.
Still looking for a way to add to “mark” by myself though. I have a stubborn index. It needs to be lead.

This thread always impressed me. Maybe it will inspire you!
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Depending on how they are breaking for you, perhaps you could use Robson flights?
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I also use a short JL barrel and have found the Harrows dimplex to be my preferred grippy stem. They're nylon and very durable. I tried the Winmau Prism force when they first came out and, yeah, thought they were garbage. They should've made them from nylon instead of that brittle polycarbonate plastic.

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I wanted to suggest the Harrows Dimplex shafts and I can see them here already.

BTW, my mate bought a bunch of green Prism shafts the other day and he broke a lot of them by robin hoods. He hadn't been using the titanium rings though.

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