2019 German Darts Grand Prix
I think that Karel Sedlacek is first Czech darts player ever in quarterfinals of PDC TV event. 

He was "a little bit" lucky against Ian White  Smile  but still great performance...
(04-22-2019, 04:29 PM)vojtech26 Wrote: I think that Karel Sedlacek is first Czech darts player ever in quarterfinals of PDC TV event. 

He was "a little bit" lucky against Ian White  Smile  but still great performance...

"A little bit lucky" is an understatement.     Ian White couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the soles with the way he was trying to hit doubles yesterday.   

I don't ever recall him throwing darts that poorly and I'm sure he's beyond disappointed in his performance.

Oh, and Keegan Brown was a twat for the way he acted at the conclusion of his match with Max Hopp.   He refused to shake the man's hand and got off stage ASAP.    The commentators said he seemed to be upset by the way the crowd was acting toward him, but what did he expect playing a German in his home country.     The boy needs to grow up.
Monday April 22
Afternoon Session Results
Third Round
Michael van Gerwen 6-1 Stephen Bunting
Ted Evetts 6-4 Ricky Evans
Rob Cross 6-5 Daryl Gurney
Mensur Suljovic 6-5 Dave Chisnall
Karel Sedlacek 6-5 Darren Webster
Max Hopp 6-3 Kim Huybrechts
Joe Cullen 6-4 Ritchie Edhouse
Simon Whitlock 6-4 Ross Smith

Evening Session (1915 local time, 1815 GMT)
Michael Van Gerwen v Ted Evetts
Rob Cross v Mensur Suljovic
Karel Sedlacek v Max Hopp
Joe Cullen v Smith/Whitlock
Erm, concerning Karel Sedlacek, the performance against White was so poor. Like, I did not even see a match like this on TV except maybe for WC preliminaries. But it happens. Glad he went through and in the absolute ripper of a match defeated Darren Webster who played well today. Averaging 96,4 and having 40% at doubles...who knows what the evening brings?
2019 171s: 2
2019 180s: 7
2019 highest checkout: 151
2019 best leg: 18 darts

It's Ally Pally about the Darts, guys!  Moddarts Moddarts 
Great to see Karel doing so well. Always nice to get players from different countries stepping up.

I think whoever is coming through in the top half (probably MVG) will win it. But certainly a big chance for someone to make the final
Isn't it obvious that Karel is going to win the whole event?  Big Grin
Yes Mvg
Good to see the Wizard find a bit of form, perennial runner up though. Seems like he hardly ever averages over a ton and tends to be scratching around the low 90's averages yet still finds his way into finals.

Evetts must be wondering what you've got to do to beat MVG. Averaged 5 more than him.
It was great to see Simon Whitlock make the final and hit some great checkouts along the way this is what he is renowned for. He has been out of sorts on the oche of late and this run and performance will do his confidence the world of good.
Nobody was going to beat MVG here, he got a little complacent against Ted Evetts but hit the doubles when he needed to, Rob Cross was disappointing once again against MVG, it is as though he is already beaten before he faces MVG.

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