Cosmo Design Vote Win contest
Just seen this come up on twitter

[Image: web.jpg]

More details here:

Get designing peeps, and good luck to all who enter Big Grin
This is from our Facebook post:

This spring Cosmo Darts is giving away over $3,000 in cash and prizes in our first ever Design-Vote-Win Contest!

Have you ever wanted you own design on a Fit Flight? Do you have a killer design idea that you just think we should make?
Enter the design portion for a chance to have your design printed and sold on a Fit Flight. 3 winners will have their designs made as well as receive JPY30,000, and have open access to our catalog to choose any dart setup they want!

Can't draw? That's ok! Vote for which design you'd most likely buy and still have a chance to win! Your votes will determine which flight designs actually get made. If your top choice is one of the winning designs, you too will have a chance to have open access to our catalog to create the dart setup of your choice to go along with several other great prizes!

Even if your favorite design doesn't get made, 3 more lucky voters will still get a set of flights and shafts and other amazing prizes!
I will tell you that yes, we mean open access. The only thing off limit is the Code Metal lineup. Code Metal United Label is on the table. Burnt titanium shafts? you wannem? you gottem.

To clarify, 3 people who chose a winning design will get open access. One person from each winning design.
I've just mentioned on twitter that the links for templates don't work for me.
(04-19-2019, 01:28 PM)elevendarter Wrote: I've just mentioned on twitter that the links for templates don't work for me.

Most likely because the entries aren't actually to be submitted until 26th April
nice one i'll give it a try !!
best leg: 15 darts
best checkout: 117
180 count: 15
I see only one template link, and it works for me.  Perhaps they fixed it?
Well I don't know what the deal is but I can not access the link either.
Sounds like an awesome contest though and my guess is that a lot of people will want to participate
Thanks Cosmo. Some of the best flight systems on the market, IMO
Strange, it's only a PDF file.  I'll attach a copy:

.pdf   template-en.pdf (Size: 61.4 KB / Downloads: 12)
I never investigated the links too thoroughly as the entries aren't due in until next week, but couldn't see a link to a template - if the template is the one in nixer's post above then I can open it ok. Presumably it needs to be printed off and then rescanned once completed in order to submit it - I'll have to wait a week or so to do this as I'm off next week and no longer have a printer at home Sad

Couple of quick questions to Cosmo Darts Europe:

- how many entries are people allowed, is it just one or however many anyone wants to submit?
- are they to be submitted as pdf's (as per the template format) or are jpeg's ok as well?
I should probably leave this to Brian, but since everything works for me, I'll try to point everyone in the right direction.

The template and further instructions are available after you click "Submit Design".  Including a handy FAQ that answers most questions. Smile
So they are lol - Brian, you can ignore my questions Big Grin Big Grin
So, I printed a sheet with 12 templates on it and that's pretty much where my inspiration has abandoned me.
At least you have the technicalities in hand - lol.
I've got to wait 10 days before I can print anything out lol - will have to try and think of some designs in the meantime though Smile
If anyone wants this sheet with 12 templates, it's here. I think it's good for sorting out your basic ideas on a piece of paper.

I wanted to attach a pdf file here but I am not able to make it small enough. I am not too familiar with making pdf and while the original file is 61kB my file is 2.7 MB...
[Image: cqnEYvS.jpg]

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