Proper darts in Spain
Ayup Comrades

As some of you will of noticed I haven't posted much in the last 6 months,
Well this is because I've been traveling in my caravan in Europe mostly Spain .
 Well I've been in Almayate nr Torre del mar since Feb, and today I accidentally found a bar owned by a Norwegian guy called Narve with two proper bristle darts boards lighting and oches!
Had a quick chat with him and a few darts at the board, turns out he's played five times in the winmau world masters , anyway I'm going to go in before I go home and have a few games with him.
The bars name is Bar Rosana Av Dr Gregorio Marañon Torre del Mar.
Torre is a brilliant resort if anyone is thinking of holidaying in Spain, 40 minutes from Malaga airport.

Man sounds like quite an adventure. Thanks for sharing and maybe you could share some pics someday when you have time. I'm sure I'm not the only one would love to share the experience in photos
Nice one Shed escaping the UK cold in the Winter - thanks for the heads up, and enjoy the darts when you go in there
So glad to hear you are having a great time touring Shed, did wonder how come you had disappeared to for a while.
By the way you missed the raffle LOL
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wouldn't hurry back Shed,your not missing anything here lol
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Ayup Comrades

Thanks all nice to know I've not been forgotten, the owners name is Narve Plessen.
And in the brief time we had talking, he told me they had a inter pub league that runs from October to Febuary.
I gave him Dartsnutz name, so as he could take a look and maybe join.
More to come I'll be going in Friday for a throw.


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