Which hand do you retrieve your darts with?
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Hey all. I was just wondering if I am weird (no wondering needed there to be fair   Tongue  ) in that I throw with my right hand, and rerieve with my left. I have seen quite a few pros do it, but that may just be because they walk to the right side of the oche, so it makes sence to retrieve with your left.

Well, that's all. And thanks in advance   Shy
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Also just want to say a massive thanks to the FDC for the huge support over the last year and a bit, and sorry I've not been around much lately. I'm going to change that.  Smile Moddarts
I throw with my right, and retrieve with my right also.
As near as I can tell, my left hand is hooked on just for show. .... Smile
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

Another one here - Throw with my right, retrieve with my left.
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Six of one, half dozen of the other. I will retrieve with either hand about 50/50 right/left. Never gave it much thought really.
Throw right, retrieve left...
I use both hands depending where the darts are at. If I make a bad throw I'll grab the darts and swipe them off the board as soon as I can to not display the mistake very long.
I use severed hand of aardvark, but it may be difficult to obtain one . Getting chainsaw past the zoo guards is the hardest part .

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I always used to throw right and retrieve right, up until abouut 4 years ago. Then i came to realise that pulling darts with my throwing hand was sometimes scraping the skin (or at least having a detrimental affect) to the fingers & thumb of my throwing hand, and affecting my grip & throw.

I noticed 99% of pro's retrieved their darts with the non-throwing hand, and presumed it was because of this reason ?

Anyway, i made the switch, and it just feels so much better now.

Felt quite strange at first, but it didn't take long to get used to it. Now it just feels natural & so much better.

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Throw with my right, generally retrieve with my left...or sometimes both hands depending on the placement of the darts.

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