Bull's NL Launch: 2 new signature darts
I leave this info here.

Quote:Bull´s NL aiming for the Czech Republic!

In the 2019 World Cup of Darts not only the German team, but also the Czech team consists solely of Bull´s NL players!
Both Karel Sedláček and Pavel Jirkal recently signed for Bull´s NL and are currently in the process of determining the perfect set/up for their darts. The first test barrels have already been produced and the results are very promising! It is Bull´s NL´s policy to let the players decide which set up works best for them, because it will help the player play to the best of his abilities. More information on the material and the purchase of the darts of these 2 Czech players will be available this summer!
Bull’s NL is very curious to find out how the Czech team will play in this incredibly talented field. In the first round, Karel and Pavel will play their neighbouring country Poland, an interesting confrontation!
Bull’s NL wishes Pavel and Karel the very best of luck in the World Cup of darts!
[Image: hcOQ4qb.png]

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